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Core Strategies of Waseda

11. Strengthening of the Financial Structure

In order to permanently develop and reinforce the university’s education and research programs and to strengthen our financial position, we will promote continuous self-assessments and autonomous reforms in executing our programs, reform our income and expenditure structure, and reflect the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle of each program in the university’s fiscal policies.

Purpose and aim

The university’s income consists mainly of tuition, administration fees (e.g., entrance examination fees), public subsidies, donations, and revenue from commissioned projects, while its expenditure mostly includes personnel costs, implementation costs for educational and research projects, and administrative expenses for corporate projects. The future of the university depends on how we structure our income and expenditure and how we balance our income/expenditure ratio. Therefore, to reinforce our financial strength, we must establish a PDCA cycle for each of these projects and reflect these cycles in our fiscal policies and their implementation. We believe that this will encourage the assignment of the appropriate selection and concentration for each project, help to clarify the prioritization of projects, and facilitate the execution of disciplined financial management, thereby strengthening our financial structure.

In addition, we will leave no stone unturned in reviewing the structure of our income and expenditure, while at the same time establishing a PDCA cycle by constructing a budget system for each project. This will allow us to ascertain the income and expenditure of each project and link this information to the project evaluation system. By achieving these goals, we aim to establish a stable financial base that will ensure a fixed account balance every academic year. We also believe that a fiscal index for complying with fiscal discipline would be a useful tool.

Reform points

  1. Review the structure of our income and expenditure from the mid- and long-term perspectives and strengthen our financial structure.
  2. Create a project-based budgetary system and implement project evaluations and improvements in connection with the budget.

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