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Core Strategies of Waseda

1. Radical Reform of the Admissions System

With regard to the conventional admissions systems and procedures, in which student selection is conducted using the same process as that adopted for the general entrance examination, the entrance examination for recommended students, and the Admission-Office (AO) entrance examination, we will further pursue reforms aimed at fulfilling the purpose of selection for each examination to the fullest extent possible. We will also explore new mechanisms for actively inviting a diverse range of talented students from Japan and abroad.

Purpose and aim

In light of the educational philosophy and goals of each undergraduate and graduate school, we will further clarify the qualities of the students that we seek to attract and comprehensively study the correlation between these qualities and the activities undertaken during university and after graduation by the students who have been admitted to date under the various entrance examination systems. Based on the results of this study, we will implement the necessary systemic reforms, identify students from Japan and abroad who have the requisite qualities, and investigate what methods we can employ to proactively recruit them. In doing this, we aim to create a well-balanced space in which a diverse range of talented students from Japan and other parts of the world can enroll and engage in studies.

Reform points

  1. Establish a “Student Selection Office (provisional name)” and implement small-scale entrance examinations to test the applicants’ unique ways of thinking. The admissions systems that are confirmed to provide an effective means of attracting a diverse range of talented students will be expanded in various ways.
  2. Consider implementing new measures, including a standard test, to ensure that basic academic levels are properly assessed.
  3. Aim to develop an entrance examination system that enables students from anywhere in the world to take the university’s entrance examination while also considering ways of actively recruiting outstanding students from around the world.
  4. Aim to establish an “Entrance Examination Development Office (provisional name)” in June 2013. This office will conduct research into admissions, develop new admissions methods, and offer advice and suggestions on reforms.

Related projects

  • Project to Reform Admissions Systems and Procedures for Recruiting Talented Students from a Variety of Backgrounds

[Column: Characteristics and Development of Waseda]

  • Diversity
    Waseda University is composed of a diverse student body, faculty, staff and alumni. This diversity shifts, challenges, and integrates our ways of thinking, and it forms the very foundation for the originality of our educational programs and research projects.
  • Expansiveness
    As it continues to develop within the neighborhood community where it was founded, Waseda University has not only expanded regionally but also in terms of the events that it has been associated with throughout its history of more than 130 years. We will continue to expand in this way and to develop education and research programs that will benefit future generations globally with campuses all over the world.
  • Openness
    With no gates to shut itself off from the outside world, Waseda University strives to remain open to its surrounding community while continuing to develop educational and research activities in an environment that not only welcomes students from all parts of the world but also sends students out to all corners of the globe. To this end, we aim to be a university that never sleeps and is free from all time constraints by staying open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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