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Core Strategies of Waseda

3. Educational Content Open to the Public in Many Languages

Waseda University aims to make its educational content widely available to the public in Japan and other countries by using ICT with the aim of visualizing the type of unique education that Waseda provides. At the same time, we will incorporate the excellent course content from abroad to provide education by using the world’s best and most diverse teaching materials and methods.

Purpose and aim

The university will make public not only the content of its classes, but also its student reports, papers, and other educational outcomes. This information will be disclosed by using various tools, such as existing internet-based on-demand systems and Open Course Ware (OCW), as well as constructing academic portfolios that will enable students to not only disseminate their reports and other materials but also utilize them as a means of promoting themselves to potential employers. While a considerable amount can be achieved using existing systems, we will strive to make the university’s educational content available to the public (including applicants and their parents, current students, and society as a whole) to increase transparency and seek a better understanding and appreciation of the university’s educational activities. At the same time, we will start developing a variety of classes by actively incorporating the best courses from around the world or by exchanging and sharing course materials.

In addition, we will examine and prepare for the delivery of education in multiple languages as we look ahead to the next phase beyond the provision of English curriculum education.

Reform points

  1. Consider the following items in the promotion of public access to education and academic content.
    • Specific methods, scope, and targets to be achieved for this core strategy
    • Scope of ICT services based on specific implementation measures
    • Percentage of subjects taught in English, curricula for enhancing English proficiency, and standards of English proficiency required for successful applicants
    • Positioning of subjects taught in languages other than English in the curriculum
    • Coordination of the relationships between existing services and systems (e.g., OCW, iTunes/U, and websites that enable viewers to go through the University’s courses) as a method of implementing this core strategy
  2. Work to improve the support system for making the educational and academic content public.
  3. Create a portfolio of educational content and make public the results, such as the educational outcomes, the history of courses taken, and any extracurricular activities. This will provide a useful means of retrospection and facilitate the setting of new goals. We will also create a new tool for supporting career development.

Related projects

  • Project to Build an Information Infrastructure That Supports Innovation in Educational Methods and the Independent and Active Learning of Students
  • Project to Develop and Establish Interactive and Student-Oriented Teaching Methods by Exploring “Good Practice” inside and outside the University
  • Project to Review Teaching Methods by Utilizing Teaching Assistants and ICT
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