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Core Strategies of Waseda

8. Education, Research, and Engagement That Expand to the World

In line with our vision of “a Waseda that shines on the global stage,” we will promote international activities that contribute to the world through our educational and research activities. These activities include creating a global development map and building strategic partnerships with major universities and institutes abroad.

Purpose and aim

It goes without saying that in order for Waseda to contribute to the world in terms of education and research, the initiatives of individual faculty members and their groups, as well as each undergraduate/graduate school and university administration office, are all important. However, for Waseda to contribute more effectively to the world, it is essential that we develop a university-wide global strategy. Once this strategy has been formulated, it will be crucial for us to determine how we will build and implement specific measures to implement the strategy.

At the core of this global strategy are our efforts to promote the admission of international students, with a target of admitting 10,000 international students, as well as our efforts to promote study abroad for all students. Based on this strategy, new measures will be implemented and proposals will be made to various parties.

In addition, the roles of overseas offices will be clarified in relation to this global strategy while the geographical locations of these offices and the appropriate personnel structure, organizational structure, and management system will be considered.

Reform points

  1. Create a map illustrating the educational and research activities conducted by universities and institutions around the world as well as a map showing the relationships that exist between the faculty and organizations at Waseda University and overseas universities, institutions (including companies), and people living abroad (including VIPs at foreign universities and Waseda graduates).
  2. Build strategic partnerships with leading overseas universities and institutions (including a review of partner universities abroad).
  3. Reform the university’s internal organization (e.g., establish the post of Associate Dean for International Affairs in each department and allow the staff members in charge of globalization affairs in each department or division to be concurrently affiliated to the International Affairs Division).
  4. Conduct a review of the overseas offices and redefine their roles.

Related projects

  • Project to Define the Roles and Functions of Overseas Offices to Utilize Them as Global Gateways
  • Project to Promote University-Wide Strategic Public Relations
  • Project to Promote Study Abroad
  • Project to Promote International Student Admissions
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