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Core Strategies of Waseda

6. Fostering of Pride in Waseda and Promotion of Waseda Culture

Waseda University has contributed to Japanese society and culture by establishing a variety of events and traditions under the Mission of Waseda University throughout the course of its history. These events and traditions are often referred to as the traits of Waseda, or the Waseda culture, and they have shaped the pride of the university’s alumni, current students, faculty, and staff as well as its wider community. While the traits of Waseda were created and developed in the Waseda region, the spirit and activities of the university can be found all over Japan. Furthermore, the university has also focused on the world beyond Japan since its beginning. In this section, we will explore the university’s strategies for contributing to the creation of a new culture and to humanity as a whole by vigorously promoting the Waseda culture as well as the means of achieving this goal. This exploration also gives us the chance to think about cultivating our pride as members of the Waseda community.

Purpose and aim

Waseda culture is highly praised by members of the Waseda community for being unique and distinguished, but it receives particular praise from those outside this community. When people talk about this uniqueness, members of the Waseda community reaffirm their sense of belonging and their pride as members of the community. The purpose of this core strategy is:

  1. To reaffirm what Waseda culture is and clarify the process to be used for its enhancement and development
  2. To connect Waseda culture to the unique traits of Waseda and continue to improve its reputation
  3. To further cultivate our pride as members of the Waseda community

We aim to contribute to the creation of a new culture by striving to achieve this purpose.

Reform points

  1. Promote strategies aimed at passing on and further developing Waseda’s culture, which is generated and accumulated through the activities of the students, alumni, faculty, staff, and others affiliated with the university.
  2. Uncover the source of our pride as members of the Waseda community—including students, alumni, faculty, and staff—and nurture the source of that pride.

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