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Core Strategies of Waseda

7. Promotion of Original Research and Enhancement of the Ability to Disseminate It Internationally

In line with its position as a world-renowned research institution, Waseda University will continue to pursue its efforts to develop research organizations and support systems with the aim of supporting the highly sophisticated, original research conducted by its faculty members while also reinforcing its initiatives for promoting the pursuit of research based on organizational strategies and for collaborating with research institutions both in Japan and abroad. At the same time, we will construct a framework for the concept of an international research university that allows research activities to be widely disseminated around the world and the outcomes of such activities to be utilized for the benefit of human society.

Purpose and aim

We will form research groups that are competitive on the global stage and promote research that is connected to the challenges faced by society. In addition, we will establish our status as an international research university by constructing a scheme for the commercialization of research that will facilitate a system that promotes self-sustaining research without relying on tuition fees.

Reform points

  1. Create an organizational and strategic system to form a positive spiral for the development of research.
  2. Develop environments and support systems that harness the research abilities of each researcher, make strategic research organizations that can adapt to new academic fields and new research systems, and effectively communicate with the rest of the world the content of any original research created through such efforts.
  3. Make long-established research centers and organizations better able to adapt to today’s changing world through innovation and abolish those that cannot.

Related projects

  • Project to Accumulate and Utilize Research Human Resources Suitable for International Research Universities
  • Project to Create Research Bases That Can Compete with the World Based on Unique Strengths
  • Project to Expand the Research Environment and Research Organization to Accelerate Commercialization of Research
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