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Waseda University’s vision for 2032, which marks the 150th anniversary of its founding, describes the kind of knowledge that our students will gain and the kind of educational and research environment that they will enjoy. It also outlines the ideal framework and research environment for Waseda and describes how our graduates will play an active role in the world as leaders or citizens who support their communities for the benefit of the world, society, and people. We also present a picture of how the university executes its university management model in order to achieve these visions. We present our fundamental strategic objectives for achieving each of the visions as we proceed with implementing the 13 core strategies.

Vision 1: Students of the highest caliber and character who show promise in being able to contribute to the world

Students come to Waseda from all around the world to experience intellectual and cultural stimulation through interactions with their classmates and faculty members. In doing so, they acquire a wide range of knowledge and become highly specialized, thereby preparing them to go out into the world with high aspirations to make significant contributions.

Strategic objective 1: Cultivating global leaders with a broad range of exceptional qualities and the power of insight

While globalization advances both in Japan and abroad, Waseda University believes that it is vital to cultivate global leaders. If this is to be achieved, students must not only be highly specialized, but also have a wide range of knowledge. Besides learning foreign languages and acquiring knowledge, students also need to be presented with practical learning opportunities such as studying abroad, participating in volunteer activities, experiencing internships, and engaging in fieldwork. We need to provide students with an environment that allows them to learn theoretical approaches in conjunction with practical approaches. Another important requirement for global leaders is that they need to have a sound understanding of Japan’s history and culture. Furthermore, we need to adopt various new ideas for classroom teaching so that students can—in addition to learning from lectures—actively engage in discussions with their teachers and classmates. By integrating all of these factors, we aim to cultivate global leaders with a broad range of exceptional qualities and the power of insight.

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[Column: Global Leaders from Waseda]

A global leader is “a person who has the ability and will to lead the way in ensuring the happiness of each and every global citizen, and who thinks and acts from a global perspective,” no matter where they live or in what field they work. They have a broad range of exceptional qualities, including the power of insight, good communication skills, creative thinking, problem finding, problem solving, critical thinking, and cross-cultural understanding.

Waseda University considers not only the graduates who are playing significant roles on the world stage as world leaders, but also graduates who are, from a global perspective, leading initiatives for regional vitalization, community-building, and cultural development.

Vision 2: Research that will ultimately contribute to world peace and human happiness

Waseda’s research activities are aimed at expanding and organizing the knowledge and wisdom of human society and contributing to the resolution of various global issues, such as environmental challenges, poverty, disasters, and conflicts. Furthermore, we aim to identify the following challenges that we face in achieving global sustainable development while maintaining intercultural coexistence, thereby contributing to world peace and human happiness.

Strategic objective 2: Advancing original research that leads to future innovations

In addition to deepening and developing the fields of humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, we aim to utilize our research to contribute to solving regional and global issues by going beyond the framework of academic fields while also identifying future challenges that need to be addressed and continuing our activities to better achieve world peace and human happiness. To achieve these goals, we must support the highly sophisticated, original research conducted by our faculty members, further promote research that is based on organizational strategies, and strengthen our collaborations with research institutions both in Japan and abroad. We aim to develop research organizations and support systems while at the same time constructing the framework for an international research university that will enable research activities to be widely disseminated around the world and the outcomes of such activities to be utilized for the benefit of human society. Furthermore, in our capacity as a university, we will promote research that integrates the humanities with the sciences and pioneer new fields of education and research.

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Vision 3: Graduates who will contribute to the public good as global leaders

Waseda graduates (alumni) will take enjoyment from working strenuously throughout Japan and in other countries around the world as leaders with a global perspective who are active in a variety of fields, such as politics, economics, academia, culture, sports, and community initiatives.
We encourage our alumni to come back and learn at Waseda periodically to build robust collaboration networks with other alumni and with their communities.

Strategic objective 3: Creating robust, lifelong networks between alumni and communities

By providing education in line with “Vision 150,” we expect many of our graduates to develop a global perspective in their respective fields of activity and to take enjoyment from working strenuously as citizens. We aim to keep in touch with our graduates regardless of their occupation and to support them directly and indirectly. Our goal is for Waseda to establish solid relationships with its alumni and to become a university that they can rely on by providing a wider range of opportunities for alumni interaction as well as implementing career enhancement measures that utilize Waseda’s diverse resources. Furthermore, we will take advantage of the achievements and experiences of our alumni by applying them in educational and research activities.

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Vision 4: A university that earns the trust of the world and constantly upholds the spirit of reform to continuously evolve

To make Waseda’s management a model for other Japanese and Asian universities, we will establish a firm fiscal foundation, disclose information, establish accountability, and strengthen our governance in the spirit of constant reform, thereby becoming a university that is trusted around the world.

Strategic objective 4: Establishing a university structure that allows it to continuously evolve

To meet the demands of society is an important mission that is assigned to universities, but to pioneer the future and lead society in the right direction is also a part of our mission. It is also vital that Waseda University make its affairs transparent—including its education, research, and engagement efforts as well as its managerial and administrative affairs—and clarify the direction in which the university is heading. We aim to do this by not only conducting internal evaluations, but also introducing an external evaluation system. By focusing on the future of the planet and human society, we must constantly remain aware of our relationship with the rest of society and organize its diverse range of knowledge and wisdom. To this end, it is essential that we develop new perspectives and new ways of thinking by promoting the participation of female faculty members as well as faculty members from other countries in educational, research, and university-management activities. Through these measures, we aim to establish an organizational framework for governance and compliance that will promote dynamism as an institution of higher education that pioneers the future.

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