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Core Strategies of Waseda

10. Clarification of Faculty and Staff Roles and Evaluations

Waseda University will clarify and reconsider the roles of its faculty and staff members in areas such as education, research, university management, and social contribution activities. Based on the outcome of our efforts, we will evaluate their various activities and publish the results.

Purpose and aim

In line with the current trend of innovative advancement and internationalization in university education and research, the expectations of our knowledge-based society with respect to university initiatives have further increased and requirements in relation to the roles, qualifications, and competencies of university faculty and staff have undergone significant changes. Given this, we will start by organizing and visualizing the roles of our faculty and staff in line with changes in their backgrounds with respect to highly specialized education and research and increasingly sophisticated and complex university administration. We will then fulfill our social responsibilities by conducting objective evaluations, based on fair and impartial standards, of the various responsibilities of our faculty and staff (including education, research, university administration, and social contribution activities) and then publishing the results of these evaluations.

The mobility of human resources is an inevitable phenomenon in today’s internationalized world. To attract or prevent the loss of talented faculty and staff members and to allocate our limited resources more effectively, we will consider how to optimize the number of faculty and staff members and diversify our salary structure in line with the content of their duties and contributions, without being bound by the current rules.

These efforts will contribute greatly to the further development of higher education in Japan as part of our endeavors to assume the new responsibilities that Waseda and other universities are expected to shoulder.

Reform points

  1. Clarify standards for evaluating faculty members and conduct evaluations.
  2. Reform the university’s business structure and strive to conduct business in a thoroughly sophisticated and efficient manner.
  3. Redefine the work performed by staff members and review the organizational structure for handling administrative affairs.

Related projects

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  • Project to Develop Human Resources
  • Project to Reform the Business Structure for University Administration and Operations
  • Project to Restructure the Operating System to Optimize Operational Processes and Reform Governance
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