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Core Strategies of Waseda

9. New Challenges in Educational and Research Fields

As centers of learning, universities undertake the important mission of exploring new areas of knowledge and illuminating the path forward for humanity. In our capacity as a university, we will promote research that integrates the humanities and sciences and pioneer educational and research fields such as food and agriculture, life science and healthcare, the super-aged society, and a peaceful and safe society.

Purpose and aim

Until now, Waseda University has conducted education and research into advanced fields such as health and medical technologies (which formed through a fusion of medicine, science and engineering, and life science) as well as cross-disciplinary fields that integrate the humanities and sciences. Going forward, we will expand on this to take on the challenge of pioneering new academic fields that combine the humanities, social science, and natural science.

Reform points

  1. Keywords for the field of life science and healthcare include international medical care, collaborations between medicine, science, and engineering, the super-aged society, regional medical care, and preventive medical care. We will use our strengths as a university to succeed in our efforts to develop research and human resources in relation to life science and healthcare.
  2. There is a great demand for knowledge in the field of agriculture in China and other Asian countries as well as in Africa. Other important global issues include the environment, energy, aging societies, disaster prevention, and safety maintenance. To address these issues, we will cultivate a global perspective by inviting the collaboration of expert researchers who are currently engaged in work throughout the university.
  3. The university is home to many outstanding researchers who are engaged in a large number of fields in the arts, including drama and fine art. Our students are also very active in their art activities. Working together, we will help visualize our strengths as a university in the fields of art.

Related projects

  • Project to Explore New Ways of Conducting Research and Education in the Fields of Life Science and Health Care
  • Project to Create Interdisciplinary Research Approaches
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