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Admission (Short-term Japanese program)

Admission Guide downloadShort-term Japanese Program: Year 2017

Pre-registrationShort-term Japanese Program:Winter Course, 2017

Applicants for Short-term Japanese Program  Pre-registration (Winter Course, 2017) need to complete the Pre-registration. Please follow the instruction below and complete Pre-registration during the designated Pre-registration period.

Pre-registration Period

  • August 21st (Mon.), 2017 0:00 – September 1st (Fri.), 2017 23:59(Japanese Standard Time)


  1. Please take the self check test, check the score, and submit it through the pre-registration form.
    Note that the score is used only for the class registration purpose.
  2. Please submit the score of the self check test from level1.
  3. Please provide accurate information in English. It is used when we make contact with you.
  4. Pre-registration is the first come and the first served basis. Once the maximum number is reached, the next applicant is not accepted and the information for the next step will not be sent even if you could register the information.
  5. The next application step will be announced to the applicants who complete the pre-registration
    before the number of applicants reaches the maximum number.
  6. If your pre-registration is not accepted, you will be announced it.

How to Register the Pre-registration

  1. Please access the following page.

    ※Even if the registration form is open to the public, you are only able to register during the Pre-registration Period. Pre-registration Period is
    from August 21st (Mon.), 2017 0:00 to September 1st (Fri.), 2017 23:59 p.m. (Japanese Standard Time)

  1. Please enter your information into each field, or select an appropriate item from the options. Answer to the applicable questions as follows.
  2. When you complete the form, please check your entered information again.
  3. After you confirm your information, please click “登録 (register)” button on the lower right screen.
  4. As you successfully complete the registration, you will see the following screen.
    If you do not see it, please retry the registration.


  • Once you click “登録 (register)” button, you cannot update the information.
  • In case you make a mistake, you can re-register all the information again.
  • Your information will not be registered until you click “登録(register)” button.
    Please note that all of your information will be deleted if you close the screen
    without pushing “登録 (register)” button.
  • We do NOT send an e-mail to confirm your registration.
  • You will receive the “Application Guidance” according to the schedule
    on the Admission Guide if you can successfully proceed to the next admission step.

Admission Schedulefor 2017 Short-term Japanese program

If you are applying for Japanese Language Program (Half/One year program), please refer to the webpage.

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