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Semester Duration
Spring April 1 to September 20
Fall September 21 to March 31

Class period

Class period Class hours
1st period 9:00~10:30
2nd period 10:40~12:10
3rd period 13:00~14:30
4th period 14:45~16:15
5th period 16:30~18:00
6th period 18:15~19:45
7th period 19:55~21:25

Regarding Absences

There is no school wide system of excused absences from class, all considerations related to attendance will be decided by your instructors. However if you are unable to attend classes due to either the “School Infectious Disease Prevention Policy” or the “Bereavement Leave”, we will issue the “Report of Absence Form”. However attendance considerations will be decided by your instructors in each class, so submitting these documents does not necessarily guarantee that your absence will be excused. Also, you are required to submit the appropriate documents (such as a medical certificate or a funeral acknowledgement card etc) for this procedure.

<If diagnosed with COVID-19 or if designated as a COVID-19 positive close contact person>
First, contact your school office while following the instructions of the medical institution or public health center.

「Individual and University Response to a Student Contracting the Novel Coronavirus」

◆Granting of Special Consideration to Students on Bereavement Leave

◆School Infectious Disease Prevention Policy・Class Absence Procedures

Class cancellations and Follow-up classes

Class cancellations

Due to University events or unavoidable circumstances of the instructors, classes may at times be cancelled. In such cases, an announcement will be posted on the CJL bulletin board and through My Waseda. Inquiries by telephone or email will not be answered. In addition, class cancellations may take place because of Tokyo metropolitan area transportation (JR and others) strikes or due to severe weather conditions.

Follow-up classes

If classes are cancelled, in principle, follow-up classes will be held afterwards.

Please follow your instructors’ directions in such cases.


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