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Submitting Papers and Assignments

Please draft and submit all term papers in accordance with the instructions given by each instructor. Papers submitted for evaluation must be an expression of the author’s original research, thoughts and ideas. For this reason, any use of ideas, graphs or designs created by a third party, whether circulated in print or on the Internet, must be clearly marked as such and the original source must be properly cited.

Example: Ruth Benedict wrote in “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword” (1946) that “The arc of life in Japan is plotted in opposite fashion to that in the United States” (pg. 130).

Papers that obfuscate or do not properly cite their sources will be considered to be plagiarism and a violation of copyright law. Students who are judged to have plagiarized the work of others may be subject to disciplinary punishment such as receiving a failing grade for their paper and possibly for the entire course. Please take due care to cite your sources before submitting term papers.

Please be aware that CJL office cannot forward papers and/or home works from students to instructors under any circumstance.



Student’s grades for individual course are determined on the basis of the results of class examinations, report submissions, and class performance. A score of 60 or higher will result in a passing grade.

Any student who fails to complete course examinations as instructed without acceptable reasons or who fails to submit all required term papers will receive a failing grade for that course.

In addition, an attendance record of less than two-thirds of the total class hours will result in a failing grade, regardless of examination results.

Grade Scale

Score Notice of Academic Record
Transcript of Academic Record Transcript of
Academic Record/GPA
Pass or Fail
90-100  A+ pass
80-89  A
70-79  B
60-69  C
45-59 F not listed F fail
0-44 G not listed G
  • Please check your grades every semester through the MyWaseda.
  • “Transcript of Academic Record” and “Transcript of Academic Record / GPA” are the official certificates for applying for jobs or higher education.


(1) Calculation of GPA

Waseda University uses a conversion system called Grade Points to calculate GPA (4 points for A+, 3 points for A, 2 points for B, 1 point for C, and zero points for Failing Grades).

Grade Point Average (GPA) is a score calculated by multiplying “total number of credits by grade (A+, A, B etc.)” and “corresponding grade point (4 for A+, 3 for A , etc.)”, then adding the obtained figures for all grades and dividing the result by the “total number of registered credits”.

The total number of registered credits includes courses that resulted in a failing grade.

This will be calculated in the following formula:

Calculation Formula


*1 No. of “*(grade)” credits = total number of credits per grade.

For example, if you earned an “A” in a course worth one credit, you add 1 to the “A” total. However, if you earned an “A” in a course worth 5 credits, you would add 5 to the “A” total.

*2 GPA will be rounded to the second decimal place. (The third decimal place is rounded off.)

(2) Courses using GPA calculation

GPA calculation is used in all registered courses.

(3) Notification and certificate of GPA

Please note that GPA will appear on the Notice of Academic Record on MyWaseda.

“Transcript of Academic Record / GPA” indicating GPA and grades is available.

“Transcript of Academic Record” does not include GPA.

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