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Voice: GONG, Cheng


GONG, Cheng
Graduated Student

Why did you choose CJSP?

The first time I heard about CJSP was when Professor Cogan and the then Dean of the School of Social Sciences came to visit my high school in Suzhou, China.  They had come to our school to promote their new English-based program, CJSP, and their enthusiasm for the program really impressed me.  I also always had an interest in history, politics, international relations, and culture so I chose CJSP because the program had more of the information I wanted to learn and the types of courses that piqued my interest.

Your experience at CJSP

The program’s curriculum and the many field trip opportunities we had were two features of CJSP that really stood out to me.  CJSP has a broad curriculum and this meant I was able to learn everything about the Social Sciences which helped me to pinpoint and discover what I was truly interested in.  I was also able to study and learn about Japanese Society and the Japanese language and this knowledge was very useful for my life here in Japan.

The program also organizes field trips where we could witness and learn about the various aspects of Japanese society first hand.  During my first year, we were taken on a trip to Aichi prefecture, the center of Japanese manufacturing, and visited famous companies like Toyota, Asahi, and Sharp to observe Japanese production and business methods.  Some professors also took us on trips as well.  My “Urban History of Tokyo” course was very memorable for me because the professor planned a field trip almost every week.  The professor always showed us places that were not popular or well-known, but were areas where we could clearly see and feel how Tokyo city has changed and developed over the decades.

Future Plans

While I was a CJSP student, I discovered my great interest in International Relations and Politics.  My graduation thesis was on Sino-Japanese relations, entitled “Diplomatic Relations between Japan and China: Changes under the Administration of Shinzo Abe’s Second Term” which was written under the instruction of Professor Honda.  This interest in International Relations is why I hope to work for international organizations like the UN one day.  In order to prepare myself for such a career, I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (GSAPS), Waseda University.  My major at GSAPS is International Relations, focusing on UN Military Development Goals and Human Rights.  Under the supervision of Professor Katsuma, my current Masters Research project is “Peace, Human Rights, and Social Development in Less Developed Countries.”  After receiving my Master’s, I hope to find work here in Japan and become actively involved in UN-related activities and committees.


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