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Voice: HUANG, William


HUANG, William
Graduated Student

Why did you choose CJSP?

The reasons why I chose CJSP can really be separated into three distinct subsets:

First, I was very attracted to Waseda University’s intriguing learning environment and spirit. Not only is Waseda University globally influential and has a long roster of successful alumni across a multitude of sectors, but the University’s mission of “independence of learning” and “practical utilization of knowledge” really resonated with me.

Second, I saw CJSP as a platform that can help me to diversify my knowledge framework, and further hone my personal core values. Because of my business-oriented family background, learning about business-related knowledge was essential when I was growing up. However, I hoped to expand my knowledge further, including learning about different areas of study such as advanced economics, national and international politics, culture and history. I believe that mere exposure to a particular area can sometimes be insufficient since the intertwining connection among businesses and other areas of study is far more significant than one can even quite fathom. I felt that it is not only important to immerse myself in and learn about the fundamental knowledge associated with different fields, but also to discover the linkages among these fields. This is why CJSP’s wide-ranging curriculum and multidisciplinary approach appeals to me. Through learning multiple fields of study and utilizing the social sciences-derived analytical tools that CJSP provides, I would be able to not only learn the key fundamentals but also uncover the dynamic and critical linkages among different fields.

Third, I sincerely believe that studying at CJSP is the perfect environment in which to intimately learn about the authentic Japan. My family has longstanding and strong business ties with the country, so it is almost a familial obligation for me to familiarize myself with the untold intricacies and deeper relevance of Japanese culture, history, and, of course, the language. By attending CJSP, I was able to comprehensively learn about Japanese history, culture, and the underpinnings behind Japanese success from the Japanese perspective.

Your experience at CJSP

  During my exciting period as a CJSP student, I discovered that the program provided its students with 4 invaluable assets: 1) a good faculty, 2) a professional, high quality curriculum, 3) a platform for understanding diversified fields of study, and 4) the Japanese perspective. The CJSP faculty and staff created the perfect working environment for me to learn freely, pursue knowledge with vigor, and yet still be creative. They also found the perfect balance between teamwork and allowing us to stand out and express ourselves as individuals, which can be lacking in other universities’ programs too fixed on providing information within a traditional unilateral process. I also really enjoyed the Program’s paramount diversity. I was also able to share and exchange ideas with many types of people from different parts of the world; just by interacting with my fellow classmates in and outside of the classroom environment. I was able to gain a wider perspective on a myriad of issues.

For my graduation thesis, I wrote about the “Quantitative Easing Policy of Japan: Realizing the Potential Negative Outcomes of the Japanese QE.” The purpose of my thesis was to systematically analyze the Japanese QE experience within a dialectical perspective, aimed at uncovering the negative impacts that the implementation of Japanese QE could bring, both domestically and internationally.

Future Plans

During my studies at Waseda, I established two technology-related startups, one based in the U.S., and the other in Taiwan that seek to bring innovative electronics technology to the general public around the world. Our company in the U.S., Teiron Dynamics Studio, focuses on research and development for tech products. The second company is based in Taiwan, LiMao Tech, and is responsible primarily though not exclusively for IT development. The 3 mottos for my companies are: kaizen, which means constant improvement, simplicity, and attention to detail. These are the 3 notions and concepts that I learned during my studies at CJSP, and have become the fundamental pillars upon which my company’s products are built. CJSP’s diverse student body also taught me the importance of the idea that there can be strength in diversity. I believe that by gathering diverse people and minds, my companies will become more competitive and able to tap into many different markets. With the solid springboard to success that Waseda has provided for me, I resolutely expect to reach my ultimate goal and become a notable and successful Waseda alumnus, so I can give back to the school that has given me such a thoroughly rewarding education.


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