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Voice: ZUO, Lingyue

ZUO, Lingyue
Graduated Student

Why did you choose CJSP?

Born in China, a big country with vast territory, rich resources and a large population, I developed a strong interest in geography when I was young. My geography teacher once introduced that Japan was a country full of geothermal resources, and in the Japanese power generation system, as a  renewable resource, geothermal energy was much more environmental-friendly than thermal power. Therefore, I’d like to learn more about Japan and the geothermal resources at the Contemporary Japanese Studies Program (aka CJSP).

Your experience at CJSP

After entering CJSP, four majors were learnt: Japan in the World, Culture and History, Society and Politics, and Technology and Environment. In the Culture and History part, for the first time I got to know the traditional Japanese culture and I realized that the Japanese enjoy natural protection. In the allusions, the Japanese worshiped the natural gods. It can be judged that the Japanese paid special attention to the nature and environment. Therefore I was greatly interested in the ways Japanese adopted to protect the environment.
In this case, in my final thesis, I chose the geothermal resources as the main topic. Also, I applied the theory and knowledge learnt in the four majors to understand the environmental protection and EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) in Japan; e.g., the knowledge about the Japanese culture helped me to understand the cultural aspect of environmental impact more deeply, and the political theory helped me to pay attention to public participation in EIA, etc..

Future Plans

After graduation, I prefer to further my studies in the environmental management or major related with EIA or environment at the graduate school. I believe environmental protection would be a main issue in the world, and exploring ways to protect the environment should be everyone’s duty, or my duty at least. Therefore, when choosing my job, I hope to apply everything I learn in the practical lives and maximize the effects of environmental protection.

Note:  As of November 2015, she is currently studying at Manchester Unversity (UK),  majoring in International Development: Environment, Climate Change and Development.

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