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【Important】Announcement about fall semester classes from the school(As of September 24th)

Dear all,

As of September 24th, we would like to announce the following policies and reminders for the fall semester courses offered by the School of Social Sciences.

●How our classes would be conducted
In principle, classes will be held online (in the form of a recording or simultaneous broadcast, etc.).
However, if the syllabus indicates the name of the classroom, classes will be held as face-to-face style for the entire semester or for a portion of the semester.
But even in those cases, we will take care the students overseas not to be disadvantaged.
For more details, please check the syllabus for each courses or Moodle pages if the course has been registered.

●Precautions for visiting the university
Please refer to the following information for thorough measures to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.
Please be sure to read it carefully as it contains information on precautions and rules that students must follow when visiting the university.

●On-campus facilities and services
Please refer to the following information about facilities and services on campus during the fall semester.

●Opportunities to attend the university
For first-year students and others who are unable to experience university study and exchange, we will hold special event on School of Social Sciences day(Monday, November 9 and Tuesday, November 10. Courses offered by the School of Social Sciences are cancelled) to offer a unique program.
There will also be opportunities for students to interact with each other on a class basis.
Details will be announced in the near future.

●Service hour
The current office hours are as follows.

Office of faculty of social sciences
3rd floor, 14th building
AM11:00-PM3:00(Weekday only)

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