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【Important】How 2020 Fall Semester Classes at the School of Social Sciences would be conducted(As of September 4th)

As of September 4th, the School of Social Sciences is planning to conduct most classes via online as we did in 2020 spring semester.
But some classes listed below would meet in classrooms on campus while taking preventative measures to avoid the 3Cs (closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings) and keeping in mind social distancing.
But for students who are overseas or outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, we will conduct classes in a way so that students who cannot come to campus will not be at disadvantage, for example, conducting “hybrid” classes can be an option.

We are considering offering opportunities for first-year students and other students who do not have the opportunity to learn and interact with the university on Saturdays or some to take advantage of the educational and social opportunities outside of the regular school day.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is supposed to make next announcement to all enrolled and newly admitted students by around end of September.

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