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Reseach Projects

(Last Updated : 28 / November / 2018)

Term Subject
2017- Promoting the Study of Law and Sustainability
2013-2016 The Role of Law and Jurisprudence at the Great Transformation toward the Sustainable Society: Foresight into the Asian Regional Law
2011-2012 Exploring Foreign Laws as a Part of Japanese Law
2010 Law and Society in Current/Former Socialist Countries(II)
—The Year 1956 and Today: A Turning Point in the World History and Its Consequences
Law and Society in Current/Former Socialist Countries —A Comparative Legal Analysis on the Present Situations
2008-2009 Theoretical and practical issues facing comparative law research in the new millennium
2007-2008 Studies on Changing Law of Litigations in the 21st Century
Comparative Law and Jurisprudence: In Prospect of a New Century
2005-2006 Japanese Legal Studies in Comparative and Historical Context: Its Perspective of Comparative Law
2004 International Context of Japanese Law: Index of Linkage with West and Asia
2003 International Context of Japanese Law: History and Foresight
2002-2004 Japanese Law in an International Context: Law in its Origin and Law in its Global Context
2001-2002 A Next Srage of Studies of Comparative Law: For Theories of Reception of Law and Legal Transplants


Joint Research Projects

(Last Updated : 01 / July / 2021)

The Institute is carrying out various collaborative research projects on issues of comparative law in 2018 academic year.

Joint Research Projects

Term Subject Representation

Development of Free Trade Agreements and Economic Partnership Agreements and the Legal System of Japan

Prof. KAWANO Mariko
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)

Comparative Study on Company and Financial Market Laws of the Commonwealth Countries

(Research Staff, Faculty of Social Sciences)

Law and Politics in Japan-Korea Relationship

Prof. BANZAI Hiroyuki
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2018- AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Law Prof. KURONUMA Etsuro
(Research Staff, Waseda Law School)
2018- Analysis of the problems and the future amendment on the Basic Law of Environment Prof. OTSUKA Tadashi
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2017- Comparative Research on Regal Remedies in the Civil Procedural Law System Prof. MATSUMURA Kazunori
(Research Staff, Waseda Law School)
2016 – Fundamental Research on Amending Tort Law Prof. SEGAWA Nobuhisa
(Research Staff, Waseda Law School)
2016 – Study on Fragmentation of International Law Prof. BANZAI Hiroyuki
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2015 – Total Research on Social Law in Population Reduction Society Prof. KIKUCHI Yoshimi
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2014‐ Law and Sustainability Prof. KURUMISAWA Yoshiki
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2014‐ Study on Scandinavian Law Prof. MATSUZAWA Shin
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2014‐ Studies of Current Development of European Law Prof. NAKAMURA Tamio
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2011- Studies on the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom Prof. NAKAMURA Tamio
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2011- Synthetic Study on Medical Law Prof. KAI Katsunori
(Research Staff, Law School)
2009- Study on recent court cases in China Prof. KURUMISAWA Yoshiki
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2009- Comparative Legal Research on Economic Administrative Law and Theory Prof. OKADA Masanori
(Research Staff, Law School)
2008- Research on Anglo-American Juvenile Law Prof. KONISHI Tokikazu
(Research Staff, Law School)
2006‐ Comparative Study of Asian Constitutional Law Prof. OKADA Masanori
(Research Staff, Law School)
2004‐ Studies in Anglo-American Criminal Law Prof. OGAWA Yoshiki
(Research Staff, Law School)
2004‐ Research Project on the United States Supreme Court Prof. MIYAGAWA Shigeo
(Research Staff, Law School)
2004‐ Comparative Studies of Intellectual Property Law and International Trade Law Prof. TANEMURA Yusuke
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2003‐ Analysis of the Latest Trend of the French Law for the Purpose of Making a Database Assoc. Prof. OHASHI Asaya
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
2001‐ Change and Development of the Constitutional Law toward the 21st Century Prof. EHARA Katsuyuki
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)
1993‐ Research into Civil Procedure in Foreign Countries Prof. TESHIGAHARA Kazuhiko
(Research Staff, Faculty of Law)

Completed Projects

Term Subject
2018-2018 Development of German Constitutional Theory
2013-2018 Study on International Law of Responsibility
2016-2017 Research on Illustrating Civil Law for English Speakers
1996-2015 Study on Oceanian Legal System
2005-2014 Changes in Labor Market/Company Organization, and the Challenges Faced by Labor Law
2005-2014 Issues on Creating Law in Changing Corporate Organization, Labor Market, and “the World of Labors”
2006-2013 Comparative Study on UK Company Law System
1994-2012 Research into Jean Bodin’s Concept of Sovereignty
2007-2010 An Overview of 1956: From an Aspect of Law, Social System and Ideology
2006 Studies on Changing Law of Litigations in the 21st Century
2005-2007 Study on French “Ordonnance de la marine” 1681
2000-2003 A Socio-Legal Study on Administrator of Natural Environment in Local Area
1998-2001 Comparative Legal Study of Nuclear-free and Disarmament Law
1998-1999 International Comparative Study; Changes of Legal and Economic Systems brought about by Privatization and Deregulation
1998-1999 Comparative Study of Deregulation and Labor Law
1997-2006 Political Conversion in East and Central Europe and their Laws
1997-2003 Research into US and Canadian Legal Systems
1994-1998 Research into Economic Development and Law in China
1994-1997 Initiative of Citizens on Environmental Law —A Comparative Study
1993-1998 Research into Law and Social Changes in Russia
1993-1995 Research into Anglo-American Case Law
1993-1994 The Preparation and Publication of a Dictionary of French Law in Japanese
1993 Human Existence and Environmental Protection
1992-1995 Research into Various Legal Problems cennected with Biotechnology
1992 Protection of Nature and Right to Environmental —A Comparative Study
1992 Comparative Study on Law of Japan with Law of CIS
1991 Perestroika and Law
1991 Customs of Asian Countries and Law
1990 Habits Surrounding Land and Families of Asian Countries and their Modern Policies
1989 A Study on the Legislative Movement of Business Corporations in Modern France
1988-1991 Human Existence and Natural Conservation—-A Comparative Study
1985-1989 Studies on the Constitution and Fundamental Rights
1981-1985 Studies on Modern English Law
1981-1990 Study on Continuity of Laws: between Capitalism and Socialism
1980-1990 Study and Translation of ‘New Japanese Civil Code’ by Nobushige Hozumi
1988-1994 Historical Research into German Laws based on G. Kobler Rechtsgeschiche
1979-1988 Study of Monetary Laws in Europe centering on EC
1975-1983 Nationalization Policies and Legal Problems in Advanced Capitalist Countries, Socialist Countries and Developing Countries
1975-1978 Comparative study of Company Laws of EC Countries focusing on Benelux countries’ Company Laws
1973-1974 Comparative Study of Company Laws of EC Countries focusing on French Company Law
1970-1982 Comparative Study of Capitalist Laws and Socialist Laws
1970-1972 Study on the Approach of French New Company Law to Company laws of the Other Countries of the EEC and Japanese Company Law
1968-1969 Study of New Company Law in France
1963-1970 Influence of Foreign Laws on the Modernization of Japan
1962-1965 Study on Asian-African Laws
1962 Study on Legal Problems in the EEC
1961-1962 Research on American Legal System
1960-1963 Basic Problems of Introduction of Present Japanese Law to Overseas
1958-1968 Comparative Study on Family Law in Early Meiji Period

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