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Comparative Law Review (Hikaku Hogaku), one of the best Comparative Law Journals in Japan, is published in Japanese three issues a year. The Journal includes articles, essays, lectures, case notes, book reviews, and materials on issues of comparative law. Price: ¥1,800 (20% discount for students and staff of Waseda University)

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Newest Volume: Vol.51 (No. 2)

Vol.51 No.2 (2017.12.1)
Item Title Author pages
[Articles] Some issues for the introduction of the Artist’s Resale Right into Japan Akiko Ogawa 1-41
The Justices and the U.S. Supreme Court─ Three Events in the 2015 Term ─ Satoshi Kotake 43-73
Proposals for corporate governance reform in the UK─ Outline of the 2016 Green Paper regarding corporate governance reform and its implications to Japanese company law ─ Nobuo Nakamura 75-111
[Lectures] Andreas von Hirsch, The Desert Model for Criminal Sentencing translated by Shin Matsuzawa and Toshiya Takekawa



The Contemporary Subject of the Law of Bankruptcy in Japan and Korea 121
Ⅰ The History and Contemporary Subject of the Law of Bankruptcy in Korea translated by Byunghak Kim


Ⅱ The History of Japanese Corporate Insolvency Law after W.W. II Kazushi Sugimoto 163-180
Symposium on“ Rule of Law and Presidency: the Trump Administration and Changes on American Law” Shigeo Miyagawa 181-184
Ⅰ  Changes in Immigration Law and the Transformation of Human Rights Ideas: President Trump and Changes of Immigration Law” Shigeo Miyagawa 185-193
Ⅱ Reversing constitutional eras? Health care reform under Obama and Trump Takeshi Akiba 194-203
Comment  The Travel Bans by the Trump Administration and the Rule of Law: Some Comments from EU Law Perspective Tamio Nakamura 204-210
Comment American Federalism and the Role of the President: A Contemporary Perspective Keisuke Abe 211-215
Ⅲ President Trump and Rule of Law─Minority Rights Hitomi Yoshida 216-222
Ⅳ  The Future of the Rights and Liberties of Women and LGBT People under the Trump
Satoshi Kotake 223-236
Ⅴ The Significance of Supreme Court Justice Nominations Masako Kamiya 237-249
Comment  Defending the Fundamental Rights and Minorities at the Supreme Court of the United States: Judicial Checks on Presidential Power Yoshiaki Haraguchi 250-257
Comment Separation of Powers and“ Conservatives” in Modern America Wataru Aizawa 258-263
Legal Reform and Sustainable Development of China’s Rural Land Xiaojun Chen (translated by Yuanchun Wen) 265-284
[materials] El control de convencionalidad en la jurisprudencia de la Corte Intermaericana de Derechos Humanos translated by Youta Negishi 285-313
Controversy over the concept of Constitutional Government (Xian zheng) in the People’s Republic of China. translated by Naoyuki Matsui 315-341
La faculté de résliation des assurances d’emprunteurs et l’application de la loi Hamon. Cass. civ. lère, 9 mars 2016. Satoru Shibazaki 343-362
Japanische Übersetzungen von Literatur über ausländisches Zivilprozeßrecht( 50) Translation of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure〔 7〕 Arbeitskreis ausländisches Zivilprozessrecht 363-381


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