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Comparative Law Review (Hikaku Hogaku), one of the best Comparative Law Journals in Japan, is published in Japanese three issues a year. The Journal includes articles, essays, lectures, case notes, book reviews, and materials on issues of comparative law. Price: ¥1,800 (20% discount for students and staff of Waseda University)

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Newest Volume: Vol.51 (No. 1)

Vol.51 No.1 (2017.6.1)
Item Title Author pages
[Articles] A Study on the Rights of Light Michiatsu Kaino 1-27
The Dual Class Structure of Listed Companies in the United States Yanhong Li 29-54
[Lectures] Peter J. P. Tak, Prenatal Screening and Diagnosis in the Netherlands translated by Katsunori Kai and Masahiro Kitao 55-81
Developments in the U.S. Supreme Court Jurisprudence (23)
I The Admissions Policy of the University of Texas at Austin and the Constitutionality of the Affirmative Action -Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, 136 S. Ct. 2198 (2016) (Fisher II)- Research Project on the U.S. Supreme Court





II Districting Based on Total Population or Voter – Eligible Population? -Evenwel v. Abbot, 136 S. Ct. 1120 (2016) – Research Project on the U.S. Supreme Court


III A Case which reversed the lower court’s interpretation of the statutory provision on design patent damages -Samsung Elect. Co. v. Apple Inc., 137 S. Ct. 429 (2016)- Research Project on the U.S. Supreme Court


Japanische Übersetzungen von Literatur über ausländisches Zivilprozeßrecht (48) A Foreign Decision in the International Civil Litigation and International Insolvency Procedure Arbeitskreis ausländisches Zivilprozessrecht 119-140
Japanische Übersetzungen von Literatur über ausländisches Zivilprozeßrecht (49) Die deutsche Insolvenzrechtsreformen (6) Arbeitskreis ausländisches Zivilprozessrecht 142-155
Anglo-American Criminal Law Study (33) Overview of U.S. Supreme Court 2015 October Term Decisions Society of Anglo-American Criminal Law Studies 157-196
Current Status and Regulations of Employment Discrimination Against Women in China Tingyun Zou 197-211


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