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Comparative Law Review (Hikaku Hogaku), one of the best Comparative Law Journals in Japan, is published in Japanese three issues a year. The Journal includes articles, essays, lectures, case notes, book reviews, and materials on issues of comparative law. Price: ¥1,800 (20% discount for students and staff of Waseda University)

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Newest Volume: Vol.52 (No. 3)

Vol.52 No.3 (2019.3.1)
Item Title Author pages
[Articles] Constantinos Kombos, Constitutional Review and the Economic Crisis: In the Courts We Trust? translated by Nakamura Tamio and Konda Keita 1-56
[Lectures] Rudolf Streinz, Impacts of European Law on Sports translated by Tanamura Masayuki and Tanamura Hideyuki 57-88
The Fourth Waseda and UC-Berkeley Joint Conference on Professional Legal Education “Structural Changes of the Legal Profession and Challenges of Law School Education in the US and Japan” I Introductory Message from the Symposium Organizer Miyagawa Shigeo 89-92
II The Great Recession and United States Legal Education Peter A. Joy
translated by Haraguchi Yoshiaki
III Can Japanese Law Schools Be Reorganized for Survival?: Recent Problems on Professional Legal Education in Japan and its Causes Suami Takao 110-124
IV The Gap Between Rhetoric and Reality: Professional Legal Services Provided by Bengoshi and Other Licensed Lawyers in Japan Ishida Kyoko 125-133
V By the People, For the People: Community-Based, Non-Litigation Approaches to the Legal Profession Jassmin Antolin Poyaoan and
Stephanie Campos-Bui
translated by Shiraki Atsushi
VI Increase of In-house Lawyers and its Meanings in Japan Wada Yoshitaka 154-162
VII Impact of the ABA’s Experiential Credit Requirements and Efforts by State Bars to Regulate Admission to Practice in the United States Charles D. Weisselberg
translated by Nakamura Yoshitaka
VIII Clinical Legal Education and Law School Education in Japan: Developments and Challenges Miyagawa Shigeo 181-190
[Materials] L’action en justice pour reparation intentee par un gerant d’affaire pour l’ensemble des porteurs d’OC et de BSA qui sont leses par une attribution des primes d’apport sans prendre des mesures de protection(irrecevabilite). Etude sur la jurisuprudence du droit des affaires francais. Shibazaki Satoru 191-213
Developments in the U.S. Supreme Court Jurisprudence(25) I The Constitution Does Not Prohibit USPTO from Reconsidering the Validity of a Patent in Inter Partes Review Outside of an Article III Court — Oil States Energy v. Green’s Energy Group, 138 S. Ct. 1365 (2018) — Research Project on U.S. Supreme Court 215-229
II Fourth Amendment Warrant Requirement for Cell Phone Location Information Stored at Cell Sites — Carpenters v. United States, 138 S. Ct. 2206 (2018) — Research Project on U.S. Supreme Court 230-240
Japanische Ubersetzungen von Literatur uber auslandisches Zivilprozeßrecht (53) Translation of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure (10) Arbeitskreis auslandisches Zivilprozessrecht 241-268
Canadian Legislation on Medical Assistance in Dying Yokono Megumu 269-282
Comparative Research on Regal Remedies in the Civil Procedural Law System (4) Die Ubersicht des Schweizerischen Zivilprozessordnung vom 2011.(4) Research Project on Comparative Research on Regal Remedies in the Civil Procedural Law System 283-322
Constitutional Review and the Economic Crisis: In the Courts We Trust? Kombos Constantinos 323-324

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