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Executive Education


The Institute for Business and Finance is actively engaged in educational activities for business people through non-degree education programs.

The institute offers a number of programs, including “Executive Program” for cultivating business leaders, “Top Management” designed to cultivate corporate executives, and “MBA Essentials” for managers and business persons who seek to develop specialized skills and business abilities.

Executive Education

Each program below is mainly offered for business people in Japan. Therefore, programs are provided in Japanese.

Program Target Period
Top Management Program* For those who are corporate officers or higher in rank and business entrepreneurs equivalent to it. October
EMBA Essence* For those who are candidates for senior executives (those who hold positions equivalent to department chiefs or senior section chiefs). One year from September
Executive Program: Enterprise Innovation Strategy Course* For those who are middle-ranking executives aiming for management level. July, November
Executive Program: Senior Management Course* For those who will be involved or are already involved in corporate and business management as part of the senior management team. November
Family Business Management Innovation Program For family-owned companies that aims for management innovation, and also aiming for the permanence of the family and family-owned companies. (Companies with a high proportion of family numbers in business owners or stock owners.) First module: January

Second module: March

Third module: May

OFF-JT Training Program Basics of corporate finance For those who want to acquire financial knowledge in the sales / business divisions and the finance staff of the business corporation From January to February
Canceled in 2020
Next Leader Program (NLP)* For those who are recommended by companies or organizations and those who hold the position of middle-ranking leaders. From April to January
MBA Essentials For business persons in general or for those who are considering MBA admission.

(Comprehensive Course, Manager Course, General Finance Course, Advanced Course, Professional Course)

Determined for each Course
Fund Management Program* For those who work for an asset management firm and wish to improve specialized task skills.

For those who are now involved in planning, development, and sales of asset management-related systems.

For those who have many opportunities to engage with asset management firms and want to understand the reality of various tasks.

For those who want to gain deeper understanding of what should be noted during system construction when starting discretionary investment management.

May- JuneFall:
Investment Banking Program* [Financial institutions]

For those at the working level of investment banks or consulting firms and those who are in the management section of asset management firms.

[Business corporations]

For those in charge of M&A at the corporate planning department.

For those in charge of funding at the financial department.

For those in charge of new business development.

For those who are in the investment business management department.

For those in the IR department.


*Each link is based in Japanese only.


Brochure of executive education can be downloaded from the URL below.

*This brochure is based in Japanese.

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