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Research Exchange Program

Research Exchange Program

Research exchange programs (research units) are exchange platforms to address certain research subjects financed by membership or participation fees accepted from extramural institutions, among others.

Research Exchange ProgramAY2021

Entrepreneurial Research Unit
Person in Charge: HIGASHIDE, Hironori Professor

The unit consists of members of the Institute for Business and Finance and business professionals and holds sessions in order to maintain and improve Japan’s economic vitality in the twenty-first century by introducing “entrepreneurship.” The unit is commonly called WERU—that is, Waseda University Entrepreneurial Research Unit. Visit the following website (Only Japanese) for more information.

Social Entrepreneur Research Unit
Person in Charge: HIGASHIDE, Hironori Professor

The unit carries out research activities pertaining to the promotion of entrepreneurship as scholarly research and as business, with members who are individuals and organizations interested in social entrepreneurship. The unit also facilitates social entrepreneurship in the areas related to medicine and welfare through its research activities.

Intellectual Capital Research Unit
Person in Charge: NISHIYAMA, Shigeru Professor

The unit carries out scholarly, global and comprehensive investigation and research on “intellectual capital.”

Japan-China Business Promotion Forum
Person in Charge: HIGASHIDE, Hironori Professor

The forum is designed to study Chinese economy and business environments from both macro and micro perspectives to understand the actual situations and find solutions to problems that have become obstacles.

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