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The objective of the Institute for Business and Finance is to serve as a central research institution for business and finance by conducting basic and applied research primarily in these fields, cultivate business persons equipped with highly specialized knowledge who can disseminate the research findings back to the society, and contribute extensively to the development of human society .


Waseda University Institute for Business and Finance was launched on September 1, 2017 through the integration of the Center for Finance Research and WBS Research Center.

The objective of the institute is to produce and deliver world-class research findings through basic and applied research in the fields of business and finance to support schools and to the society extensively via cooperation with Waseda Business School and merger of the educational and research systems of both organizations.

At this new institute, we not only continue conducting activities previously carried out by the two centers, but also engage in non-degree executive education activities and various research activities, including joint and contract research with businesses, organizations, and entities outside research institutions. In addition, we also publish a number of publications, and hold lectures and symposiums.

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