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You can feel the beauties of the nature from the Japanese music 【“Geijyutsu no Aki, Nihon no Neiro (Japanese sounds) ‐ Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi performances by students and staffs ‐”】 in “Waseda Cultural Art Week”

The Japanese music concert “Geijyutsu no Aki, Nihon no Neiro ‐ Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi performances by students and staffs ‐” was held at Okuma Auditorium on October 11. This event started from last year, and this concert was the second time.

Shamisen and Koto are the Japanese stringed musical instruments. Shakuhachi is a vertical Japanese flute made of a bamboo stem.

At the concert, students and staffs played the music familiar from ancient Japan. The collaboration of students and staffs is unlikely to seen in other concerts.


8 songs were played in total.

The first song, “Haru no Umi” is very popular. It expresses the scene of peaceful Seto Inland Sea in spring. It was very comfortable.




The forth song was “San San Sakura”. You can imagine the cherry blossoms in full bloom from this song.


Yukiko DOI, Tatsuya SEKI

The sixth song, “Gekka Bijin” expresses one beautiful white flower that can bloom only one night. It is similar to the sweet sound of the Koto.



The seventh song was “Higurashi”. The sunset at the end of the summer and the shrilling of Higurashi, one of the cicada, are described in this song. At the last of the song, the Koto was strummed like the chorus of Higurashi.



The last song was “Chidori”. It has the lyrics from Kokin Wakashu (Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry). It expresses a scene where the plovers fly over the beach.



Hayato OISHI

I felt the beauties of the nature from these songs.

Fall is in full swing. When I left the Okuma Auditorium, I looked up in the sky and looked for the moon unwillingly.

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