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Message from the Director of TWIns

Waseda University decided on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, we steps into the major fields of life science and medical engineering from the viewpoint of science and engineering. As part of this effort, Waseda University and Tokyo Women’s Medical University jointly purchased a state-owned land of 6600 ㎡ and “TWIns” opened which as a joint research and education facility in 2008.TWIns has research equipment and facilities for leading edge advanced and practical research. In 2017, “The Tokyo Women’s Medical University Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Sciences” and “The Waseda University Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences” which based in TWIns were jointly awarded “The 1st METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) Minister’s Awards”.In 2018, we held a 10th anniversary symposium with Tokyo Women’s Medical University.

In the future, we will establish a research environment that can assert the uniqueness and superiority of this center in joint research use and original research and bring together excellent researchers from Japan and abroad to immediately launch advanced fusion research. We will build a system that can carry out medical engineering collaboration in Japan and overseas and international cooperation and will continue to evolve in response to the needs of the times.

Director of TWIns


Tokyo Women’s Medical University (TWMU) and Waseda University have been collaborating and interacting for more than 40 years in interdisciplinary research that cuts across medicine and engineering, particularly the research and development of artificial hearts.

TWMU and Waseda University signed an official academic exchange agreement in 2000, and in April 2008 founded the Tokyo Women’s Medical University – Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, or TWIns, as a research and education center for medical engineering under the direction of both universities.

The name TWIns meaning twins combines the “T” of TWMU and the “W of Waseda University with the “Ins” of “institution”. The two universities simultaneously established their own Centers for Advanced Biomedical Sciences within TWIns.

Overview of research

Health and welfare are big themes for humanity, and next-generation development is eagerly anticipated in the new fields of bioscience and biomedicine through the fusion of medical science and medical care with science and engineering.

In the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, the introduction of leading edge technologies of nano-systems, image data communication technologies, and biomaterials is expected to deliver ever more advanced medical care. This will require medical engineering collaboration, which needs the creation of a new academic field combining medicine with science and technology.

The research conducted at TWIns is interdisciplinary and includes various fields of study such as life sciences, medicine, science and engineering, biology and others. The activities of this center of collaboration on next-generation medical engineering between Tokyo Women’s Medical University and Waseda University are aimed at achieving state-of-the-art healthcare through the introduction of leading edge technologies.

Overview of education

TWIns offers mainly graduate school education including a master’s program and a doctoral program, while at undergraduate level, second-year and third-year students use the institute for laboratory practice, and fourth-year students assigned to laboratories use them to do their graduation work.

Attached to TWIns and conducting their research activities there are some or all of the laboratories of: the Department in Modern Mechanical Engineering in the Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering; the Department in Life Science and Medical Bioscience, Department in Electrical Engineering and Bioscience, and Department in Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering in the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering; and the Biology Specialization of the Science Course in the School of Education. Education at TWIns have been further enhanced since April 2010 with the launch of the Cooperative Major in Advanced Biomedical Sciences, offered jointly by Tokyo Women’s Medical University and Waseda University, and the Cooperative Major in Advanced Health Science, offered jointly by Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and Waseda University, the first graduate majors in Japan to be offered jointly by two universities.

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