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For Prospective Students

Entrance Examination Information

Admission Fee, Academic Fees, Miscellaneous Fees

For information about fees, go to the Waseda University Admissions Center website.


There are about 100 Waseda internal scholarships alone and more than 250 scholarships in total including external scholarships. Some are “benefit” scholarships that do not need to be paid back while others are “loan” scholarships that do, but all internal scholarships are of the “benefit” type that do not require repayment.

For details, go to the Waseda University Admissions Center website.

Open Campus


* Since corona virus infectious diseases, the open campus in 2020 is cancelled. Please check the website for details.


TWIns Tour

Guided by current students, you will be shown around the parts of TWIns where research and education are carried out, normally inaccessible to the public.

Departmental Introductions and Admissions Advice

Current students and teachers will answer all your questions. Please feel free to ask anything.

Lab Tour

Current students will talk about their everyday research and student life.

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