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TWIns connecting buses
operate during term times, except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays

  • Shuttle bus Timetable 2021Operation started on April 1, 2021

  • Nishi-waseda ⇔ TWIns(Passenger capacity: 27)
  • Waseda ⇔ TWIns(Passenger capacity: 10)
  • Journeys take about 15 minutes.
  • Faculty members are given priority, but students may also board if there are empty seats.

Waseda-Nishi-waseda connecting busesoperate during term times, except Sunday and national holidays

  • Waseda 12:05 ⇒ via Nishi-waseda ⇒ TWIns
  • Waseda 12:15 ⇒ via TWIns ⇒ Nishi-waseda
  • Nishi-waseda 12:05⇒ via Waseda ⇒ TWIns
  • Nishi-waseda 12:20 ⇒ via TWIns ⇒ Waseda
  • The TWIns bus stop is for getting off only. You cannot get on there.
  • The getting-off point is the “Tokyo-joshi-idai-mae” Toei Bus stop.

Toei Bus access informationTokyo-joshi-idai-mae

TWIns ⇔ Waseda Campus (Sodai-seimon)

♦ 早81  Sodai-seimon-yuki ― Tokyo-joshi-idai-mae

♦ 早81  Shibuya-eki-higashiguchi-yuki ― Sodai-seimon

TWIns ⇔ Nishi-Waseda Campus (Sodai-Rikoh-mae)

♦ 高71  Takadanobaba-ekimae-yuki ― Tokyo-joshi-idai-mae

♦ 高71  Kudanshita-yuki ― Sodai-Rikoh-mae

Toei Bus stops

Nearest station:Wakamatsukawada Station


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