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TWIns Safety Guide

The TWIns Safety Guide contains emergency procedures in the event of fire or injury and other safety information required for conducting experiments and research activities. You are asked to carefully read and understand all of the items in the Guide before carrying out experiments or research, regardless of your field of study.

Handling Chemicals

When handling chemicals, you must do so safely and in an environmentally friendly way, in accordance with various regulations. At Waseda University, we operate according to our own set of rules covering the purchase of chemicals right up until their disposal. For details, see our Guide to Using the Environmental Safety Center or go to the Environmental Safety Center website (

Using Shared Equipment

Waseda University’s Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences has installed equipment for shared use within the university, under the administration of the Research Support Center, such as a DNA sequencer, flow cytometer, mass spectrometer, confocal laser microscope, and nuclear magnetic resonator. Use of this shared equipment requires registration and reservation. The shared equipment administration system website can only be accessed from the university’s internal network.

Student Field Work

At Waseda University’s Center for Advanced Biomedical Sciences, second- and third-year undergraduate students conduct their fieldwork in the area of life sciences. For details of experiments of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, go to the Center for Laboratory Work Education website.

Facility usage of the TWIns (Building 50)

3rd floor Center office

The opening hours of the office

Weekday・Saturday 9:00 – 17:00

The opening hours of the inspection desk

Weekday 9:00 – 12:30, 13:30 – 17:00

*On national holidays when classes are held the office will open.

*Sunday, holiday, summer and winter holiday, extraordinary holiday are close.

*Saturdays the office is open only during class period.


On-campus internal mail, postal mail, Courier

On-campus internal mail / postal mail

Please put the mail items into the box set at the office counter. The items to each laboratory are sorted and distributed to laboratory mailbox in the office.


Couriers will be delivered directly to each laboratory. If there are blanks or mistake destination information, it may not be delivered, so please be sure to specify the room number, laboratory name, address name.


Waste matter

common garbage

Garbage bags located outside each room entrance will be collected around 15:30 on weekdays. Be sure to separate garbage and write your laboratory name on the garbage bags.

*If you missed the collection time, you can bring the garbage bags directly to the waste storage room in the basement floor from 9:00 – 17:00 on weekdays. Weight the garbage and fill in the paper on the whiteboard, then dispose the garbage in to the separating gauge.


Paper recycling

Regarding paper recycling, paper bags for Waseda University are distributed at the office. By closing the bag with paper tape and writing the laboratory name, it can be disposed like common waste. The paper will be surely cut and dissolved by the trader, but please dispose important documents by using the shredder.


Experimental waste

Please bring it to the waste storage room 2 (B1C602) in the basement floor from 10:30 – 11:00 on Monday,Wednesday and Friday. Please check the sorting method at the Environmental Protection Center website.


Other garbage

To dispose of large garbage, it is necessary to submit a disposal request in advance. You can only dispose it every Thursday evening. There is a fee for the disposal of personal computers and printers, but University will collect them a couple of times a year without charge. Please contact the office if you want to dispose home appliance and the like, there is a law concerning these items.


Use of lounge

Wearing white coat and sleeping in the lounge are prohibited. If you want to occupy the 2nd or 3rd floor lounge, please apply to the office ([email protected]) one week before the date of use. When used, a professor needs be responsible for those using the arias.


Required items:

・date and time

・Place (2nd floor or 3rd floor)

・Meeting name

・Responsible person (Professor) name

・Person in charge of the day (Extension number)

・Number of people

・Food and drink, whether there is alcohol

・Operation of air conditioning, blind opening or closing

*When drinking alcohol, be sure to “close” the blinds.


Book ordering service

There is a service to get the books from the central library and each campus library. Please check the library website or contact the office.


Campus network

For details on how to use the campus network, please check the IT center website.

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