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Waseda Practical Studies in Japanese Language Education

Waseda Practical Studies in Japanese Language Education is a bulletin published by Waseda University’s Center for Japanese Language (referred to below as “the Center”). It is published once a year, and its aim is to transmit information about Japanese language education at the Center both inside and outside the university, and to help improve Japanese language education.

The bulletin features various articles related to Japanese language education. These can be divided into four broad categories: research—previously unpublished studies related to the subject; interviews—such as with educators; short notes—ideas and opinions regarding new methods and materials, teaching material and book reviews, essays, and so forth; and practical studies—introductions to Japanese language courses at the Center, based around a different theme each issue.

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Waseda University Repository

The Waseda University Repository is an academic institutional repository that electronically stores and publishes academic information such as papers written by researchers at the university, graduation theses, university journal theses, working papers, and meeting minutes. These documents can be searched from here.


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