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【Updated on Sept. 29】2021 Fall Orientation for Privately Funded International Students

2021 Fall Orientation for Privately International Students by Center for International Education, Waseda University will not be held face to face because of the expanding coronavirus (COVID-19) infection. We conduct Webinar-style orientation and upload orientation-related PPT and other documents as they are ready. Please make sure to check out all important information from the below website before your enrollment.


Please apply on the form below if you would like to watch the orientation webinar video.
(You need to log in to MyWaseda.)
*The application period is until December 31th (Fri), 2021.

Orientation documents

■ International Student Handbook 2021

■ Status of Residence
【Important!】Regarding Your Status of Residence

■ Status of Residence Notification Form
Status of Residence Notification Form《IMPORTANT》

■ If you want a part-time job(including TA/RA)

■ Tokyo Your Guide
Life in Tokyo Your Guide(English)

■ To Foreign nationals applying to open account

■ Application for Automatic Payment of Utility Charges, Etc.

■ For International Students setting up a New Bank Account at a bank

■ Traffic Safety and Crime Prevention Measures Videos
[Tokyo Metropolitan Government] YouTube
(*Please watch a part of this video from 11:08 to 24:27.)


Final update September 29th

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