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Waseda University uses ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to make its lectures as broadly available as possible, both in Japan and overseas, and pursues a variety of initiatives in order to make Waseda’s key role in education as visible as possible. Here are some examples of the use of on-demand lesson content.

Click here for a summary of initiatives → Waseda Vision 150 – Core Staregy 3 Educational Content Open to the Public in Many Languages

Massive Open Online Courses by Waseda (WasedaX)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are open courses provided to the general public over the Internet by university faculty members or groups. Participants of any age, but mainly in their 20s or 30s, learn through online video lectures and other resources, submit assignments, and if they pass the set standard are awarded a certificate. MOOCs have gained attention in recent years as a new education channel, offering undergraduate and postgraduate lessons to a wide range of people, both domestically and internationally, including those who have not had access to higher education before.
As part of our commitment to the Waseda Vision 150 strategy of promoting “Educational Content Open to the Public”, Waseda University provides MOOCs on the international edX platform and domestic JMOOC platform.
With a view to further advance Waseda’s MOOC program and provide Waseda’s high-quality teaching to learners both in Japan and around the world, we are recruiting teachers, groups and organizations who are interested in creating courses within our University.

For details, please refer to the documents linked below:

Invitation Flyer

How to apply:
1. Please download the Application From from MyWaseda (Log-in required)
2. Filling out the form and obtaining an official approval is required from the director of the applicant’s or representative’s affiliated department
3. Submit the form via MyWaseda or by in-campus mail to the Center for Higher Education Studies

Promotion Video about WasedaX (youtube)



● Waseda Course Channel (WCC)

The Waseda Course Channel brings together lesson videos and materials that are made publicly available by Waseda University.

 ● iTunes U

We have released 850 videos on Waseda University’s dedicated iTunes channel.

 Lecture videos

We have recorded on-demand videos for the introductions and first lectures of courses and created a system to allow all students and academic staff to view the videos via the Web Syllabus system.

 JMOOC (Japan Open Online Education Promotion Council)

We have promoted initiatives implemented by JMOOC, which is the Japanese version of “Massive Online Open Courses” (MOOC). This allows students to take courses offered for free by universities and receive accreditation for completing the set coursework. 

First MOOC offered at Waseda University – Theory of International Security (Shuhei Kurizaki, Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics)
Second MOOC offered at Waseda University – Adlerian Psychology (Chiharu Kogo, Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences)

 Students’ online presentation contests

Facilities and systems for the recording of on-demand teaching materials are made available to students, and open presentation contests are planned and implemented in which students from around the world are welcome to participate. 

Promulgation and development of Good Practice

Examples of academic staff’s lessons are provided in a blog format, and Good Practice is made available in a way that can be utilized during faculty development (FD).

Students’ Online Presentation Contest

The Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) at the Center for Higher Education Studies holds an online presentation contest for students in order to achieve the following core strategies, as set out in Waseda Vision 150:

– Reconstruction of the education system to develop global leaders
– Disclosure of educational and learning content

– Switch to an “interactive problem finding and solving style of education”

The CTLT has facilities to enable students to easily create content. These facilities are available not only for the purpose of recording on-demand teaching material but also for student use.

(↑ Click here to view “How to Make Movie Content – WASEDA BEAR version”)

So far, the introduction of online first-round screening has allowed us to hold two university-wide contests in partnership with Korea University. Please feel free to participate.

Japan-Korea Global Presentation Competition
Hosted by: Waseda University/Sponsored by: Digital Campus Consortium (DCC)

(↑ This video shows recordings of the preliminary round presentations and final round presentations for the winning entries in the Third JKGPC held in June 2014.)

Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition
Hosted by: Waseda University/Sponsored by: Waseda University Alumni Association and DCC

Please see the official website for details such as the timing of the competition and how to participate.

Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition

<Recordings from the first and second competitions>
* Available on Waseda-net Commons.

Official website

Press releases

Campus Now Issue 206: Special Article

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