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First Step Guide Reverse Lookup Manual Examples of Using Course [email protected]


This is an introductory manual aimed at first-time users of Course [email protected] Reading the manual will prepare you to use the system.


This manual allows you to look up how to do something on Course [email protected] based on what it is you want to do. The manual offers multiple solutions and describes the features of each solution.


Here we introduce examples of how Course [email protected] has been used in real lessons.

Good Practice

This booklet introduces examples of outstanding use of ICT from among the entries to the WASEDA e-Teaching Award held since Academic Year 2012.





The Handbook of Interactive Problem Finding and Solving Style of Education: An Introductory Implementation Guide for Your Classroom

Waseda University currently lists 13 core strategies with the framework of the four main strategies “Admissions Strategy”, “Education and Learning Strategy”, “Development Strategy”, and “Management Strategy” towards the implementation of Waseda Vision 150. One of the Education and Learning Strategies listed is the “Interactive Problem Finding and Solving Style of Education”. When implementing in a real classroom, the selection and timing of activities becomes very important. Wishing to help you designing your own Interactive Problem Finding Solving Style lesson in accordance with your class size and setting, we have prepared this “Interactive Problem Finding and Solving Style of Education Handbook”. In this handbook, you will find methods for Group Work, Debate, Field Work, Presentation, and Retrospection.

The Handbook of Interactive Problem Finding and Solving Style of Education: An Introductory Implementation Guide for Your Classroom

CTLT Guidebook

Demand is rising for the cultivation of students with the ability to think independently, engage in proactive and cooperative problem finding and solving, and provide logical explanations regarding problems with no predetermined solutions. The implementation of various teaching methods by faculty members will lead to the improvement of the“ Quality of Learning” for students at Waseda University. CTLT proposes the utilization of tools and the provision of spaces for students to learn autonomously and cooperate with each other through supporting online long distance or on-demand courses and courses focusing on student participation.

CTLT Guidebook [ICT Tools Edition]
CTLT Guidebook [Facilities Edition]

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