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How to use the Learning Management System‎

Waseda’s LMS - “Waseda Moodle”

Using the LMS to Expand Spaces for Learning

Waseda Moodle is the Learning Management System (LMS) that was implemented in AY2020, and all official courses offered by Waseda University are registered on this system.

Effective course management support for faculty members

Waseda Moodle provides modules for optimized learning, such as file sharing, online discussions, assignments or quizzes. It also allows TAs (Teaching Assistants) to become involved in course management.

  • Once you create content for a course, you can reuse them for other courses!
    (You can copy-paste/share content across multiple classes or the next year)
  • Efficient management of student grades!
    (The system can be used to submit or grade reports (includes an automatic grade calculation system).)

Supporting students’ motivation to learn

Every effort is made to create an environment that allows students to prepare for and review lessons, whenever they want, wherever they want.

  • Communication between faculty and students
    (Forums and Assignment modules allow feedback to be given to students individually or as a group)
  • Sharing of learning between students
    (Students can use the Forums or Workshop (Peer-review) modules to share information or evaluate each other’s work.)
  • Utilization of learning history
    (Students’ activities and learning history is preserved, which can be utilized to prevent drop-outs or to improve student learning.

Taking on the challenge of new lecture styles

Support is provided to encourage faculty to implement and/or develop ideas for new lecture styles such as On-Demand or Flipped lessons

  • On-demand Courses
    (On-Demand Courses are conducted through a combination of lecture videos and the report submission feature (*On-demand Courses must satisfy certain criteria))
  • Flipped Lessons
    (Faculty can increase classroom time for student participation by having them view pre-lecture videos online before coming to class)
  • Peer-review
    (This module allows students submit work, and evaluate each other’s submitted work using rubrics.)

Examples of Good Practice using LMS

Language Education

Faculty of Political Science and Economics

Miki IKOMA, Professor
– Utilized Advanced TAs for proofreading feedback
– Utilized the Forums for group discussions

See interview article here (Japanese)


Specialized Subject (Large Class)

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Nobuhiro KANOMATA, Professor

– Review sheets after watching videos
– Calculating grades using the evaluation functionSee interview article here (Japanese)

Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences
Kentaro KAWAHARA, Lecturer
– Used Forums to share information and progress
– Faster file uploads via Drag & Drop

See interview article here (Japanese)



Faculty of Science and Engineering
Hayato YAMANA, Professor

– Autoscoring of quizze, feedback on comments
– Efficient quiz making by using the problem bank

See interview article here (Japanese)



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