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Waseda’s Unique LMS - “Course [email protected]

Using the LMS to Expand Spaces for Learning

Course [email protected] is a unique LMS (Learning Management System) developed independently by Waseda University. All of Waseda’s official lessons are registered in the database. Since the first release of Ver.1.0.0 in April 2007, the Course [email protected] system has been utilized to provide support for on-demand courses or flipped lessons.

Effective course management support for faculty members

Course [email protected] provides functions that help to streamline the labor involved in managing courses, from uploading syllabuses or managing student grades, to administering course evaluations. Another function allows Teaching Assistants (TA) to manage the course.

  • Content can be reused after it has been created

The same course materials can be copied and used for multiple classes within the same and subsequent years.

  • Efficient management of student grades

The system can be used to submit or grade reports (includes an automatic grade calculation system).

Supporting students’ motivation to learn

Every effort is made to create an environment that allows students to prepare for and review lessons, whenever they want, wherever they want.
*A mobile version has been released and is available for downloading.

  • A tool for communication between faculty and students

Faculty can communicate with either all or individual students registered in the course using the Notice Board or the Feedback feature.

  • A tool for communication between students

Faculty may set up discussion boards, BBS, etc.

  • Accumulation of student logs

The system stores essays and reports that students have submitted and received feedback on, allowing the recording of academic progress of individual students.

Taking on the challenge of new lecture styles

Faculty are encouraged to implement and/or develop ideas for new lecture styles such as On-Demand or Flipped lessons, provided with the necessary support.

  • On-demand Courses

On-Demand Courses are conducted through a combination of lecture videos and the report submission feature (*On-demand Courses must satisfy certain criteria).

  • Flipped Lessons

Faculty can increase classroom time for student participation by having them view pre-lecture videos online through Course [email protected] before coming to class.

Course [email protected] User Manuals

page112_first page112_manual
First Step Guide

This is an introductory manual aimed at first-time users of Course [email protected] Reading the manual you can prepare yourself to use the system.

Reverse Lookup Manual

This manual allows you to look up how to do something on Course [email protected] based on what you want to do. The manual offers multiple solutions and describes the features of each solution.

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