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Outline of FD and Promotion Organizations

At Waseda University, FD (Faculty Development) is regarded as a “systematic approach to guaranteeing and improving the quality of education”, and a variety of policies are implemented with this goal in mind.

In October 2007, the Faculty Development Committee  (composed of members from each department where lessons are held) was established as the promotion organization in order to hold university-wide debate and coordination of FD. In October 2008, the Faculty Development Center was established as an external office of the Academic Affairs Division, and in April 2014 this was merged with the Distance Learning Center (which promotes the utilization of ICT in education at Waseda University) to create the new Center for Higher Education Studies. This allowed the university to make the most of FD activities and strengthen the system for realization.

In the future, the Center for Higher Education Studies will lead efforts to achieve the “development of education” in a way that is tangible to both the students and the academic staff at Waseda University.

FD-Related Policies Implemented and Supported by the Center for Higher Education Studies


1. Development of systems that lead to improvements in education

1) Syllabus improvements

In order to provide students with necessary information for lessons in a way they will easily understand, we carry out improvements to the syllabus and course programs.

2) Introduction of GPA across the university

Starting from the students enrolled in Academic Year 2010, GPA is calculated using criteria that have been standardized across the university. This is recorded on students’ academic performance records, and they are issued with a GPA certificate. In the future, we will examine the possibility of standardizing grade assessment distribution.


3) Examining an improvement cycle for the “three policies”

The possibility of a “review and improvement cycle” will be examined for the Diploma Policy, the Curriculum Policy and the Admissions Policy of each school and graduate school.

4) Supporting curriculum improvements

We provide the faculty with statistical data with the aim of promoting curriculum improvements that will lead to improved educational effects while also lowering the burden on academic staff.

2. Support for academic staff

1) Planning and implementation of academic staff’s seminars

FD seminars are planned and held for newly-appointed academic staff, and all existing faculty and staff. What’s more, we aggregate information about seminars, etc. held at various locations, and make easy-to-understand announcements.

2) Supporting the utilization of the lesson support system, Course [email protected]

We work to promulgate increased use of Course [email protected], which is a lesson support system that is unique to Waseda University, and provide support so that the needs of students and academic staff can be met more often in lessons.

3) Partnerships with institutions outside Waseda University

We promote the collection of information related to FD activities at other institutions and encourage partnerships with institutions outside Waseda University. We will work hard to create a new paradigm for educational improvements.


3. Promoting communication with students

1) University-wide implementation of students’ lesson questionnaires

The results of lesson evaluation questionnaires to which students respond are regarded as an important index for reflecting on and improving lessons. We will work toward an efficient measurement in a larger number of subjects.

2) Development of guidance for students with study-related problems

We compile operating standards for the early assistance of students who are experiencing study-related difficulties for a variety of reasons, despite their willingness to study. We provide support for solutions.


In addition, we implement measures related to the actual establishment of the credit system (securing sufficient numbers of lessons, etc.). We also launch an examination into the possibility of supporting the academic staff’s skills development (SD) that will provide horizontal support for FD.

Useful information related to FD at Waseda University:


Research Promotion Division – Information for members of Waseda University

Information related to applications, etc., research grant guides, academic collaboration with external institutions, collections of forms, and research and scholarship manuals (for graduate students), etc.

IT Center – Information for academic staff

How to use Waseda University networks, inquiries from academic staff about how to use IT (consulting visits to laboratories), useful PC tips, handling of common platform PCs for academic staff, use of apparatus, software and facilities, and advice on classroom equipment environments, etc.

Waseda Portal Office

The office that supports the above services

General Affairs Division, Office of University Environment and Safety – Information for faculty and staff

Laws that must be observed and advice about what to look out for, etc.

Health Support Center

Information about how to use the Health Support Center (general practice, mental health counseling, Student Counseling Room, etc.) and any contagious diseases at the university, etc.

Disabled Student Services Office – Information for academic staff

Advice for academic staff on how to provide support, ways of supporting disabled students, an outline of the Disabled Student Services Office, information about services offered by the Disabled Student Services Office, etc.

Waseda University Harassment Prevention Committee

Information related to applications, etc., research grant guides, academic collaboration with external institutions, collections of forms, and research and scholarship manuals (for graduate students), etc.

Office for Promotion of Gender Equality

Information about the main programs, gender equality statistics, survey reports, etc.

Useful Information about Waseda University


How to Use the Okuma Auditorium and Ono Auditorium

How to Use the Masaru Ibuka Auditorium (International Conference Center)

How to Use the Alumni Salon

Computer Room Guide

How to Use Networks

MNC ITC Promotion Letters

Places Associated with Waseda University


Waseda University Library

Academic Affairs Division

Research Promotion Division

Student Affairs Division

Personnel Division (Salaries and Welfare Section)

Cultural Affairs Division

Waseda University Organization Chart

List of contact details for Waseda University organizations

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology links


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website top page

Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website – Education (universities, graduate schools, specialist education)

Central Council for Education

Toward the Rebuilding of Undergraduate Education (Report)

Non-university organizations


Japan Private Universities FD Coalition Forum

The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto

FD Network “Tsubasa” (Yamagata University)

Shikoku Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education (SPOD) (Ehime University)

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