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The Center for Higher Education Studies (CHES) was established in February 2014 as part of Waseda Vision 150, our long term development plan. The purpose was to achieve the objective of becoming a university that innovates and evolves autonomously and continuously and serves as a model university for Asia.

The Center for Higher Education and Institutional Research and the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology were established within CHES. These organizations have since continued to collect and analyze data concerning education, research and management (IR), promote and develop Good Practices for supporting classes that utilize ICT and enhancing the quality of higher education, and implement university-wide faculty development (FD) programs.

In November 2018, under the leadership of President Aiji Tanaka, Waseda University launched a new board of directors towards further implementation and realization of Waseda Vision 150.

The objective is to further enhance the level of research and quality of education.

CHES studies and researches the purpose and methodology of higher education, which are fundamental components of the previously described university-wide objectives, and contributes to designing the future directions for universities.

By disseminating the results of our endeavors to the global community, we strive to firmly establish our place in Asia as a leading university.

Koichi SUGA
Provost, Waseda University
Senior Director, Center for Higher Education Studies


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