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Cross-Cultural Distance Learning (CCDL)

Using industry-academia collaboration to create opportunities for various types of exchange other than student exchanges and opportunities to master foreign languages

CCDL (Cross-Cultural Distance Learning) is a joint learning program between Waseda University and its overseas partner universities.Students are encouraged to make use of the program as a way of practicing their language skills and improving their communication skills.

The Center for Higher Education Studies establishes distance learning techniques and systems and develops teaching materials for practical cross-cultural exchange lessons with overseas universities. Cross-cultural exchange lessons (in which students use video conference systems in real time) have been shown not only to improve students’ ability to use foreign languages but also to increase their intrinsic motivation to learn.

If you are an academic staff and you want to see how CCDL works for the first time or you are interested in finding out more but are not sure what to do, please feel free to get in touch.

Cross-Cultural Seminar Support (Cyber Seminars and Cyber Lectures)

“Cyber Seminars and Cyber Lectures” is a CCDL (Cross-Cultural Distance Learning) development program that works on the assumption of hosting joint distance-learning lessons with multiple overseas universities in a specialist subject or seminar format. The program has been developed through courses such as the GEC’s “Global Literacy Seminar” and “World Englishes and Miscommunications” courses and the School of International Liberal Studies’ “Global Environmental Politics and Policies” course.

The Center for Higher Education Studies supports these classes using a state-of-the-art video conferencing system at the CTLT Classroom. Furthermore, every effort is made to create opportunities for students to carry out a variety of exchanges other than student exchanges on the “World Englishes and Miscommunications” course in ways that meet students’ expectations. This is achieved by working in partnership with DCC (an industry-academia consortium) on the planning and operation of “travel and study” programs with students at Asian universities and carrying out research and development into a variety of teaching methods.

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