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【Important】Regarding the Change of 3rd registration period and Course cancellation after the beginning of Classes

Dear students of GSSS

As the class start date is extended to May 11th, The schedule for the 3rd registration period will be changed as follows.
[Third registration period]: April 27 (Mon) 9:00-April 28 (Tue) 17:00
[Web results announcement]: May 2nd (Sat)
[Audit fee provision period]: May 8 (Fri)-May 20 (Wed)
[Available Courses]
(1)Courses offered at the Graduate School of Social Sciences
(2)Courses offered at Other Graduate School
(3)Courses with available spaces offered by;
-Common Courses among Different Graduate Schools (Global Education Center)
-Courses Open to Graduate School Students (Global Education Center)
-Japanese Language Courses for International Students (Center for Japanese Language)

In addition, after the class starts on May 11th, the Graduate School of Social Sciences will set a Course cancellation period as follows.
You can only cancel courses offered by the Graduate School of Social Sciences and you cannot add any courses in this period.
[Canceling period after class starts]: May 15 (Fri) 10:00-May 16 (Sat) 17:00
(On My Waseda course registration screen)
[Cancelable course] Only for courses offered by the Graduate School of Social Sciences
【Important point】
・ 2nd registration period will be held from April 6 (Mon) 9:00 to April 7 (Tue) 17:00 as scheduled.
・ With the change of teaching method(from “face to face” to “online”), the syllabus are subject to bechanged.
  Including the courses you have already registered, please check the syllabus again. And if you want to cancel,
please do yourself at 3rd registration period or Course cancellation period.

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