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Special Admission Program

Special Admission Program
For September Admission, English-taught MA and D.Phil Programs

The Graduate School of Social Sciences, striving to link international exchange to education and research, has introduced the Special Admission Program into the School’s English-taught degree program. This admission program is designed for students who have been chosen or sent by the Japanese Government, a foreign government, a public institution, a business, or a private organization for their exemplary academic abilities and research capabilities. Screening of the Special Admission Program will be based on a review of all submitted application documents.  If it is judged that a deeper understanding of the applicant’s academic and research capability is necessary, an oral examination may be administered and the results will be included in the screening process.

Application PeriodScreening PeriodAnnouncement of Results

【September 2021 Admission】

Application Period

Screening Period

Announcement of Results

May 10 (Monday), 2021
~ June 11 (Friday), 2021

June 15 (Tuesday), 2021
~ June 29 (Tuesday), 2021

July 20 (Tuesday), 2021

**JICA sponsored applicants on programs such as SDGs Global Leader Course and ABE Initiatives will run on a different calendar. The application deadline for those category of students will be April 15, 2021. JICA sponsored applicants are suggested to communicate well with the Admissions Office, the Graduate School of Social Sciences by e-mail.

 Application Qualification

The applicant must fulfill the requirements listed in (1) Academic Qualification and (2) Qualifications for the Application of the Special Admission Program.  The applicant must also obtain a letter of recommendation from the Waseda research supervisor they want to work with after enrollment at our school.

(1)    Academic Qualification

(Master’s Program)
①  The applicant has graduated or is scheduled to graduate from a university by September 20, 2021.
②  The applicant has completed 16 years of standard school education overseas, or is scheduled to complete such an education by September 20, 2021.

(Doctoral Program)
①  The applicant is a holder of a Master’s Degree or scheduled to receive one by September 20, 2021.
②  The applicant is a holder of a Master’s Degree from an overseas institution or its equivalent.
③  The applicant has completed a program with the United Nations University, or has received a degree equivalent to a Master’s degree, or will be scheduled to acquire such a degree by September 20, 2021.

(2)    Application Qualifications for the Special Admission Program (Applies to both the Master’s Program and the Doctoral Program).

You must fulfill one of the following requirements (①-④) below:

①  Applicant is a Japanese Government (MEXT: Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Sciences and Technology) Scholarship Recipient.
②  Applicant was selected and sent by a Foreign Government.
③  Applicants who receive substantial financial aid such as a scholarship during their time as a student from a program affiliated with a public institution, foundation, business, or organization (Applicable also to those who have Japanese citizenship).
④  Applicants who are enrolled in a scholarships program outside of the three listed above (①-③), but are in a program that is of the same caliber of ①-③ are approved by the Graduate School of Social Sciences Steering Committee.
※Any scholarship program that distributes its money in a way that does not properly cover school tuition and living expenses will not be recognized as fulfilling any of the requirements listed above.  Therefore, scholarship programs such as the “Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)’s Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students” will not be recognized as fulfilling any of the qualifications listed above.

Application Forms

The application forms of the Special Admission Program are not available to download online, so that the Admissions Office of the Graduate School of Social Sciences can communicate with respective interested students and verify their application qualification before they apply. Students who are interested in this admission program are expected to read the application guidelines below and then send an e-mail of requesting for the application forms to the contact below.

[Application Closed]Application Guidelines of the Special Admission Program for International Students (September 2021 Admission)


Inquiry/Request for the Application Forms : [email protected]

(Admissions Office, Graduate School of Social Sciences)

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