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The following facilities are made available by the Waseda University Graduate School of Social Sciences. Please be sure to observe the usage policies of each.

(1)Shared computer terminal rooms: Rooms 613 and 614 of Building No. 14 (sixth floor).

Approximately 100 PCs are available for student use. These rooms are intended for use by students of all of the University’s graduate and undergraduate schools, and when not being utilized during class periods for social sciences courses, they may be used freely. Moreover, computer rooms are also available on basement level 1 of Building No. 3, the first floor of Building No. 9, the first floor of Building No. 22 (24-hour access), and floors 5 and 6 of Building No. 24.

(2)Graduate student reading room: Room 946 of Building No. 14 (ninth floor)

Four PCs are available. This reading room features lockers for personal use; however, registration in accordance with the following is required in order to use them. Moreover, certain other procedures must be completed for ongoing usage in the following year, and for return upon the completion of studies or withdrawal from the University for any other reason.

Locker registration schedule, etc.

(1)Registration period: From September 28 (Fri), 2012

9:00 am to 7:00 pm on weekdays; 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Saturdays

(2)Registration point: Office of the School of Social Sciences, Building No. 14 (third floor)

  • (a)Lockers can be borrowed by regular students enrolled in the master’s program or doctoral program.
  • (b)A student ID card is required for registration.
  • (c)Lockers are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; accordingly, no requests for specific locker locations can be accepted.
  • (d)Locker keys are provided after registration, and special care must be taken to avoid loosing them.
    Loss of keys will require replacement of the lock. The associated cost of approximately 5,000 must be borne by the student.
  • (e)Before submitting an application, be sure to confirm other requirements, etc. as set forth in the Usage Regulations for Lockers at the Graduate Student Reading Room (refer to the University Rules & Regulations section).

(3)Study room for doctoral students: Building No. 9, second floor

  • (a) This facility can be used by all doctoral students at Waseda University.
    Facility Outline
    Name: Doctoral students study room
    Location: Building No. 9, second floor Number of seats: 200 booths (individual coin lockers: 105)
    The lockers are for temporary use only. Prolonged use is not allowed.
    Admission: student ID is required when entering and exiting the room.
    Other: wireless internet, 2 tabletop outlets.
    Open hours
    9:00 am to 10:00 pm (until 7:30 pm during winter, spring and summer breaks)
    Sunday, national holidays, during the periods the university is closed, during the winter, spring and summer breaks and during the off-campus period due to university entrance examinations.

Student Use of Classrooms

If planning to use a classroom in relation to a seminar or lecture, you must apply at the school office to request the use of the classroom. Special care must be given to the following:

(1) Application procedures must be completed at least three days prior to the intended usage. If any of the particulars of the application should change, written notification of these changes must be submitted to the school office using the prescribed form and the corresponding procedures must be completed. The abovementioned three-day period comprises full working days on which the school office is open; accordingly, it does not include Saturday during vacation periods, Sundays, or public holidays. Furthermore, completion of procedures also requires that the group or individual intending to use the classroom receives an approval slip bearing a seal from the office.

(2) In principle, the time period for using a classroom is from the 5th to the 7th periods (4:30 pm~9:25 pm) In principle, no use of classrooms will be possible during the following periods:

  • First two weeks after start of classes in the spring semester
  • During class breaks

A classroom preference should not be entered into application forms. Once a classroom has been assigned, this field will be completed by the graduate school office. The procedure is completed when a representative of the group which submitted the application collects an approval slip from the office and confirms it. Procedures for the use of classrooms by clubs and the like are handled by the Student Affairs Section.

School Office

The Faculty of Social Sciences Office

All administrative procedures related to the Graduate School of Social Sciences and the School of Social Sciences are performed at the Faculty of Social Sciences Office, herein simply referred as the “office”

Location: Room 310 of Building No. 14 (third floor), Waseda Campus
Opening Hours: Weekdays 9:00am – 7:00pm (Telephone support until 5:00 pm)

Closed on Sundays, National Holidays (excluding National Holidays where classes are held), Summer Recess, Anniversary of the University Founding (Oct. 21), Special Class Holidays, and New Year’s Holiday.
Please note that during holiday periods and the off-limits period due to university entrance examinations, office hours will vary. Moreover, given the possibility of misunderstandings, questions over the phone cannot be accepted. Please check each board for information. Should you have any questions, please come directly to the office counter.


(1) Most certificates can be obtained from on-campus certificate and student discount card issuing machines.

Certificate issuance fee:

  • Current student: 1 certificate 200 yen
  • Graduated student: 1 certificate 300 yen

Certificate and student discount card issuing machines

[Certificates obtainable from issuing machines]

Certificate of Enrollment; Academic Transcript; Certificate of Expected Graduation;
Certificate of Academic Transcript and Expected Graduation;
Medical Examination Certificate (Japanese)*1; Student discount cards(Japanese)*2

*1: Medical Examination Certificates are available to students having undergone medical examination at the University during the current academic year. These certificates cost 300 each.
*2: There is no charge for issuance of student discount cards. (You can acquire a maximum of 10 per year).

[Issuing Machine Locations and Operating Hours]

Locations: Open space on the first floor of Building No. 14 in front of the Portal Office (Academic Advising Office) on the first floor of Building No. 7 Open space on the first floor of Building No. 25 on the first floor of Building 30 in front of the Students Affairs Section on Toyama Campus on the second floor of Building No. 36 on Toyama Campus Operating hours: Each issuing machine has different operating hours, and details can be obtained from bulletin boards and the like.

[Items required for issuance]

(1) Student ID card, (2) Password of Waseda-net ID and (3) certificate issuance fee

2) Certificates issued at the school office

Certificate of Graduation; Certificate of Academic Transcript and Graduation; Certificate of Withdrawal; etc.

(2) Student discount cards are available for travel exceeding 101 km on JR. A maximum of 10 cards per academic year can be acquired from the issuing machines.

(3) Certificates of University Commute, as required for the purchase of college commuter tickets for private bus services, are issued at the school office.
College commute tickets for JR, the private-railway companies and the underground rail services can be purchased using student ID cards.

Student Consultation

Health Support Center, Student Consultation (2nd floor, Bldg. 25-2)

Services in health consultation, psychological consultation (interpersonal relations, personality), and legal consultation, and other related consultations are acceptable.

Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association

If a student needs treatment for an illness or injury, and the treatment location is an insurance medical institution, the Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association will refund part (with self-pay for the remainder) or all of medical expenses paid there. There is a required procedure for applying for refunds. Read carefully the Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association Guidebook.

Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research

The purpose of Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research is to reduce the financial burden resulting from injury impediment, or death of a student due to an accident occurring during study. In order to be covered by this insurance for accidents occurring during extracurricular activities, a designated form must be submitted in advance.

Lost, Stolen, or Found Items

If property has been lost or stolen within the University, the owner is requested to notify the school office or the Student Affairs Section. Furthermore, if you find a lost item, please notify the office of the nearest undergraduate or graduate school before the day’s end.
If the name of the owner can be determined, he or she will be notified directly or a notice will be posted at the school office. If the owner’s name cannot be determined, the lost property will be retained for a period of one week at the Portal Office on the first floor of Building No. 7, and after that, it will be handed over to the Student Affairs Section. Students are thus advised to write their student number and name on important items of property.

What to Do If an Earthquake Occurs During Class

If a severe earthquake hits during class…
If a severe earthquake occurs with enough intensity to threaten your safety, follow all emergency procedures as instructed by your faculty instructor. Stay calm and wait for major tremors to subside.

Do not try to run outside. Shield your head from falling objects using your clothes, bag, binder, or any object that would provide some measure of protection. Move away from windows. Quickly duck under a desk or other makeshift shelter. Persons nearest to the exits should open doors to secure them.

Even after major tremors have subsided, do not evacuate the classroom without an abundance of caution. Wait for instructions issued via the public address system or in-person by university officials. Unless there are secondary disasters that are of immediate concern, you should remain inside due to the following reasons: (1) All university facilities are built to high earthquake-resistant standards; (2) staying in your classroom will facilitate communication and the issuing of instructions; (3) unnecessary evacuation can encourage panic; and (4) leaving the classroom can expose you to unforeseen dangers such as falling objects.

Once major tremors have subsided, be wary of secondary disasters such as fires and aftershocks which may occur before instructions are issued via the public address system or in-person by university officials. When secondary disasters are of an immediate concern, and class instructors feel impelled to evacuate the classroom or the facility, you should follow the instructions issued by the instructor and proceed with evacuation. The designated Temporary Evacuation Areas for buildings on Waseda Campus are listed under a separate document entitled “Temporary Evacuation Area Map for Waseda Campus.”

When evacuating the classroom, please take the following precautions:

  • Check around you to see that everyone is all right.
  • Assist the injured and those with disabilities or special needs.
  • Walk towards the exits calmly and in an orderly manner.
  • During the evacuation, you may see the hallways and stairwells filled with students. Stay calm and follow the instructions issued by faculty and university officials as you make your way outside.
  • When evacuating, follow emergency exit signs. (In Japan, exit signs are green).
  • Do not use the elevators or escalators.

Once outside, please stay together. We will conduct a headcount before heading to the Temporary Evacuation Area (一時避難場所Ichiji hinan basho). Follow these precautions when evacuating.

  • Shield yourself from falling objects by using objects (coat, bag, books, etc.) on your person or nearby to cover your head.
  • Be careful of windows, walls, signs, utility poles, fences, vending machines, and other objects that may fall or topple over. Also, be careful of cracks in the ground, as well as areas which have caved-in or have been uplifted.

Once you have arrived at the evacuation area, be ready to render first-aid to the injured and assist them to first-aid centers. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to evacuate to the Designated Evacuation Sites (広域避難場所Kouiki hinan basho).

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