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In order to develop a social sciences program that is comprehensive and interdisciplinary, the Graduate School of Social Sciences has assembled a truly diverse research faculty committed to guiding students into multi-faceted research related to real-life topics.

Information of all supervisors teaching at the Graduate School of Social Sciences is listed below. The “(JE)” sign next to the title of each research field shows that this research field is flexibly taught in both English and Japanese. Many other research fields with (J) sign are taught in Japanese only. Clicking on the individual’s name links will take you to the relevant page in the Waseda University Researcher Database.

*For detail of the English-taught research fields which are open to receive new students in the next academic year, please refer to “Research Fields” under “For Prospective Students”.

*For detail of the regular Japanese-taught research fields which are open to receive new students in the next academic year is here (Japanese only page).


Name of Supervisor Research Field Degree
AKAO, Ken-ichi Environmental Economics (JE) Doctor of Agricultural Science (Kyoto Univ.)
ATSUMI, Keiichiro Political Thought (J) Doctor of Political Science (Waseda Univ.)
ARAI, Yoichi Econometrics for Policy Evaluation (J) Ph.D. in Economics (University of California)
ARIMA, Tetsuo Media Studies (J)
IKEYA, Tomoaki Southern European Politics and Society (J)
INO, Nobuo Public Management (J) Doctor of Philosophy (Waseda Univ.)
INOUE, Tadashi Business Management (J)
IMAMURA, Hiroshi North American Studies (Politics and Government) (J)
UZUKI, Morio Urban and Community Design Studies (J) Doctor of Engineering (Waseda Univ.)
ENDO, Masahisa Contemporary Japanese Politics (J) Doctor of Political Science (Waseda Univ.)
OIKAWA, Koki Macroeconomics (J) Ph.D. in Economics (New York Univ.)
OKUSAKO, Hajime Global Governance Study (JE) Doctor of Political Science (Waseda Univ.)
OCHIAI, Mototsugu Rural Design (J) Doctor of Agriculture (Kyoto Univ.)
KASAJIMA, Yoichi Game Theory (JE) Ph.D. (Rochester Univ.)
KATSURAYAMA, Yasunori Corporate Finance (J) Doctor of Engineering (Waseda Univ.)
KAWASHIMA, Izumi Corporation Law Advanced (J)
KITAMURA, Yoshihiro International Finance (JE) Doctor of Economics (Waseda Univ.)
KIMIZUKA, Hiroyasu Social and Economic History of Europe (J) Ph.D. (University of South Brittany)
KUROKAWA, Satoshi Environmental Law and Policy (JE) Doctor of Law (Kyoto Univ.)
GEMMA, Masahiko Eurasian Studies (JE) Ph.D. (Minnesota Univ.)
KOJIMA, Hiroshi Comparative Demography (J) Ph.D. (Brown Univ.)
KONAGAYA, Hideyo Public Culture (JE) Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)
SAKAGUCHI, Shojiro Comparative Constitutional Law (J) Doctor of Law (Hitotsubashi Univ.)
SASAHARA, Hiroyuki Cultural Sphere of Chinese Characters (J) Doctor of Literature (Waseda Univ.)
SATO, Yoichi Space and Image Studies (J) Doctor of Engineering (Waseda Univ.)
SHINODA, Toru Social Governance (JE)
SUKO, Tota Management Science (J) Doctor of Engineering (Waseda Univ.)
SUZUKI, Toshiharu Japanese Employment System and Labour Law (J) Doctor of Law (Waseda Univ.)
SUZUKI, Noriko European Civil Society (J) Doctor of Law (Keio Univ.)
SUTO, Shinya Theoretical Sociology and Theory of Contemporary Society (J)
SODA, Osamu Housing Policy and Community Development (JE) Doctor of Engineering (Waseda Univ.)
CHIBA, Kiyoshi Modern and Contemporary Metaphysics/Epistemology (J) Doctor of Philosophy (University of Bonn)
TODA, Manabu Economics of Markets (J) Ph.D. (Rochester Univ.)
DOMON, Koji Industrial Regulation (J)
NAITO, Akira Japanese Culture (J)
NAKASHIMA, Kenichi Seminar in Informatics (JE) Doctor of Engineering (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
Doctor of Business Administration (Tohoku Univ.)
NAKAMICHI, Yuki Criminal Law (JE) Doctor of Law (Waseda Univ.)
NOGUCHI, Tomoo Distribution Systems (J)
HASEGAWA, Shinji International Business (JE) Doctor of Business Administration (Pantheon Sorbonne)
FURUKAWA, Toshiaki Sociolinguistics (J) Ph.D. in Linguistics (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
FUKUNAGA, Yuka International Economic Law (J) Doctor of Law (Tokyo Univ.)
YAMADA, Mitsuru International Cooperation and Peacebuilding (JE) Doctor of Political Science (Kobe Univ.)
YOSHIDA, Kei Seminar in Philosophy of the Social Science (JE) Ph.D. (York Univ.)
LIU, Jie The Diplomatic History of Japan and Chinese Area Studies (J) Doctor of Literature (Tokyo Univ.)
WASHIZU, Ayu Input-Output Analysis (J) Doctor of Commerce(Keio Univ.)


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