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Certificates and Procedures

Certificates can be issued at the Vending Machines, the SPSE Office, or the Waseda Portal Office.
Please check the office hours below.

Opening Hours of Vending Machine
Opening hours for Certificate/Discount coupons issuing machines

Office Hours of the SPSE Office
Office hours and Important Notice of Operations of SPSE office during vacations.

Office Hours at the Academic Advising Office (Waseda Portal Office)
9:00 to 20:00, Monday through Friday
*9:00 to 18:00 (during the period when classes are NOT in session)
9:00 to 18:00, Saturday
*closed (during the period when classes are NOT in session)

Available Certificates

Certificates Language Issue Handling fee Notes
Japanese English By Vending Machine At SPSE Office or Waseda Portal Office
Transcript ¥200
Certificate of Expected Graduation ¥200
Transcript & Certificate of Expected Graduation ¥200
Certificate of GPA   ¥200 Available for those who entered Waseda University in 2010 or later ONLY.*1
Certificate of Enrollment Period *2 ¥200 Non-degree students only
Certificate of School Credits earned × ¥200 Librarian, Teacher-librarian, Curators etc.
Certificate of academic achievement × ¥200 Teachers Certificate
Certificate of Tuition Fee   Free  
Health Checkup Report *3   ¥300 English version is available at the HEALTH SUPPORT CENTER (Bldg. 25-2) at 500 yen.
Student Discount (“Gakuwari”, only in Japanese) Free
Other certificate issues by the school   ¥200

◆Certificates are issued in either Japanese or English.
◆Certificates are issued under the surname used at the time of registration.(As a rule, this can not be changed )
◆Please ask the Academic Affairs Section of the SPSE Office, if you need Certificates needed to study at overseas university.
(*1) The GPA is NOT applicable to students who enrolled in 2009 or earlier. Please refer to the written explanation, which can be downloaded below.
(*2). Please ask the Academic Affairs Section of the SPSE Office, if you need Certificates of Enrollment Period in English
(*3). English version is available at the HEALTH SUPPORT CENTER (Bldg. 25-2) at 500 yen.

How to Apply for Certification

■Issuing by vending machine
Required Materials
1. Student ID
2. Password (My Waseda Password)
3. Fees

Vending Machines Installation Place (Waseda Campus)
Please check out IT Service Navigation.

■Procedure at the SPSE office or Waseda Portal Office
Please bring the following materials
1. Student ID
2. Fees

Leave of Absence from the School

If you cannot attend classes, including examinations, for a period of 2 months or longer owing to illness, study abroad, a working holiday, volunteer activity, an overseas internship, or economic reasons, you must apply for a Leave of Absence, submitting an “Application for Leave of Absence” form. After receiving approval, you may then take your leave of absence. You must submit the necessary documents by the deadline referred to in the “Important Instructions Regarding Leave of Absence” (see below).
When you have submitted the necessary documents, your application will be reviewed for approval through an interview with an SPSE Associate Dean and deliberation by the School Steering Committee. Notice of the decision reached will be sent to your guarantor by mail.

Withdrawal from the School

If you wish to withdraw from the School before graduation, you must submit a “Request of Withdrawal” form to SPSE for approval by the SPSE School Steering Committee.
For further information, please see here.
For the application form, please see here.


You may apply for readmission if you meet the following conditions:
– You can explain the change in your circumstances regarding your original reason for withdrawal.
– You fully anticipate graduating from SPSE.
– It is not yet more than 7 years since your withdrawal from SPSE.
The date of re-enrollment will be April 1 or September 21. If you wish to apply for readmission, please follow the details outlined in the “Application procedure for readmission” and submit the necessary application documents (such as the “Application for readmission”) to the SPSE office by one of the deadlines listed below. Note that you will need to take an oral examination for readmission with an Associate Dean. The oral examination date for readmission in April will be determined by the end of October, and the date for readmission in September will be determined by the middle of April. Cases of readmission will be discussed by the SPSE Steering Committee after document screening and the oral examination.
Application deadlines:
Readmission in April: No later than November 15*
Readmission in September: No later than May 15*
*If the deadline is a Sunday or holiday, the deadline will be the last weekday before the date given here.

For readmission on 21 September of 2019, the oral examination will be conducted on the Waseda Campus on May 31, 2019.(2019.4.10)

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Office of the School of Political Science and Economics  10F, Building 3, 1-6-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-8050 Japan, Waseda University

Office of the School of Political Science and Economics  +81-3-3207-5617

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