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Open Campus Day at the School of Political Science and Economics

The Open Campus Day is held in the first week of August every year. The School of Political Science and Economics hosts various events such as an information session about the school, mock lectures, student introductions, and individual consultations with current students and staff.

Everyone is welcome to visit the campus and learn about our programs!

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Here you can get an idea of what Open Campus Day looks like:

Briefing about the School

Faculty members from the School of Politics Science and Economics give a briefing about the unique characteristics of the school, as well as the curriculum and admissions. This gives prospective students a chance to listen in person to our professors speak passionately about the school in a way that cannot be communicated by a brochure.

“English-based Degree Program at the School of Political Science and Economics” – Presentation by Professor Kohei KAWAMURA

“Learning in English” – A video featuring Professor Marisa KELLAM

Mock Lectures

Professors from the School of Political Science and Economics give mock lectures to high school students and their parents on Open Campus Day. The lectures are all so popular that there is standing room only!!
We are sure the students get a real sense of what study at a university is like and how it differs from high school!

  • 2021
“Lecture on Behavioral Economics” – Lecture by Professor Patrick DEJARNETTE

“Some Questions on Democratization” – Lecture by Professor Willy JOU

  • 2019
“The ‘D-word’: Conceptualizing and Measuring Democracy” – Lecture by Professor Marisa KELLAM

  • 2018
“Peer Punishment and Free-riding in Social Dilemma” – Lecture by Professor Róbert VESZTEG

School Introduction by the Students

University students speak to prospective students about school life as a student at the School of Political Science and Economics. Listening to what current students of a similar age have to say makes the high school students feel more at home.

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Individual Consultations

Current students, faculty members and staff give individual consultations about the curriculum, admissions, student life, and so on. These sessions are also extremely popular.

Please contact us with your questions: [email protected]

Distribution and Display of Materials

We hand out brochures containing detailed information about the School of Political Science and Economics. An exhibition is held of some of the books written by faculty members at the school.

Here is a link to our e-brochure:

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