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Training an independent generation that can take the lead in shaping the future of our global community

In 2017, the School of Political Science and Economics commemorated the 135th anniversary of its founding and marked the start of a new era of emphasis on proactive education that promotes internationalization and diversity, aiming to train a new generation of strong, independent leaders who will shape the future in this increasingly uncertain global society. Building No. 3, a symbol of our time-honored traditions, began a new life in the fall of 2014 as the center for our community of learning, a place where we “talk together, act together, and live together.” The traditional school is reshaping each day with students who will be both members of the community and independent in spirit, prepared to do their best in their role as independent global citizens.

We seek to foster a new generation capable of coexisting with others in a diverse global community, and our educational goal is to give future leaders a global perspective. With this in mind, we are expanding fall admissions for the English-based degree program, which began in 2010, to welcome a greater number of highly qualified international students. At the same time, as an educational institution dedicated to internationalization from within, we endow our students with the drive and knowledge needed for pursuing careers in global leadership. As part of this effort, we advise all our students to study abroad for some time before graduation, and in light of the importance of English as the lingua franca of a globalizing world, we set ambitious targets for communicative proficiency in English and aim to help all students to achieve these targets. We are also working to establish a hybrid system in which the entire undergraduate curriculum is offered in both Japanese and English, and students will follow a straightforward but innovative new curriculum, starting with students admitted in 2019. Through these initiatives, the classroom itself becomes a multicultural educational environment and helps to develop a mindset that facilitates positive interaction with others in the global community.

To foster an independent spirit in the next generation, we have developed and are now thoroughly implementing an educational program focused on the principle of self-study. Building on and updating the traditional seminar format, we offer small-size classes and a wide variety of seminars: Basic Seminars and Academic Literacy Seminars; specialized seminars in political science, economics, and global political economy; journalism and media studies seminars; interdisciplinary seminars; and, toward the end of a student’s undergraduate program, thesis guidance. Through the accumulation of seminars, the process of actively participating side by side with fellow students builds character and fosters self-directed intellectual development. We incorporate supplementary discussion sessions and other active-learning elements into numerous courses.

The fundamental educational philosophy of the School of Political Science and Economics is to focus on the key areas of philosophy, political science, and economics. The new curriculum reflects this educational philosophy more clearly than ever before. Educating the next generation of individuals who can contribute to the welfare and justice of society and take the lead in shaping the future of our global community with an indefatigable spirit of independence, guided by a constant pursuit of research and education based on this philosophy, is the unshakeable mission of the School of Political Science and Economics. You are that next generation. Let us set sail together, exploring new oceans on a new vessel, as you steer a new course to your chosen destination.


Norikazu Kawagishi

Senior Dean, Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Dean, School of Political Science and Economics

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