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B.A. in Political Science

A pervasive feature of human existence, politics entails both cooperation and conflict—in our local communities, in domestic and international environments, and on a global scale. The bachelor’s degree in political science at Waseda University promotes the scientific understanding of politics. We educate students to think independently and critically about the determinants and implications of important political phenomena, such as elections in democracies or patterns of international disputes. The political science major fosters students’ awareness in public issues, develops students’ analytical skills, and encourages students to take responsibility and pursue leadership roles. Ultimately, the major prepares students to contribute to solving the imminent and long-term problems that humanity faces.

As one of the best political science faculty in Japan, our professors pursue broad-ranging and cutting-edge research. As such, our course offerings reflect new theoretical and methodological developments in the field. The degree outlines a systematic curriculum for this dynamic discipline, which includes the study of political philosophy, institutions, public opinion, mass behavior, international relations, public policy, history, and area studies. In addition, we require political science majors to take analytical and quantitative methods courses. Political science majors often specialize in a particular subfield of political science after acquiring a broad foundation during the first two years of course work.

B.A. in Economics

Economics has become a universal language to describe and analyze a vast range of human interactions, from individual and household decisions such as consumption, marriage and education, to development and economic growth of countries. The bachelor’s degree in economics at Waseda University combines solid theoretical foundations with practical experience in the collection and analysis of diverse empirical data. The economics major equips students with quantitative skills through microeconomics, macroeconomics, game theory and econometrics. We also offer a wide selection of specialized courses that train students to apply quantitative methods to specific real-life policy issues. The degree program aims to turn out leaders in various arenas such as firms, financial institutions, government agencies, central banks, media, NGOs, academia, and politics.

Professors of economics at Waseda University possess wide-ranging international experience in research and policy consultation. While many of the members of our faculty engage in theoretical research, others conduct extensive fieldwork in Asian and African countries for research on economic development and economic history. The School also operates one of the largest laboratories for experimental economics in Asia. Some faculty members have been leading members of councils of the Japanese government. Thus, our curriculum combines theoretical and empirical training of the highest standard, and fully reflects the wealth of expertise in the faculty.

B.A. in Global Political Economy

The goal of our distinctive bachelor’s degree in global political economy is to educate future leaders, well-grounded in theory and evidence from both political science and economics, who will adopt a perspective unfettered by the boundaries of time and place. The complex, dynamic world of today—and of the future—needs talented graduates who can use fundamental knowledge of public philosophy, politics and economics to offer solutions to contemporary issues of salience through analytical reasoning, data analysis, and effective communication. The global political economy major equips students with these essential skills and extraordinary expertise based on a curriculum that reflects the established and cutting-edge research profiles of our faculty.

The structured curriculum balances political science and economics in terms of credit requirements and also includes several courses in analytical and quantitative methodology. Thus, the degree is similar to a double major in that students first learn the core principles of political science and economics as separate disciplines and later integrate them as they pursue more specialized and advanced coursework. In seminar discussions, presentations and written assignments, we encourage students to incorporate both subjects. Upon completing the degree, students will be prepared for a wide range of careers and ready to address the various challenges of our global, interdependent society.

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