The services for visiting scholars, visiting research fellow in Waseda University are as listed below.

Guest House

Waseda University’s Guesthouses are available for visiting international researchers. They are fully furnished and are located within a 15-minute walk from the campus..

Status of Residence

It is ISS responsibilities to handle applications for authorization of residence status of visiting scholars and visiting research fellow and provides support for extending and changing that status. ISS deals with professor visas, cultural activities visas, temporary visitor visas, and dependent visas.

Research rooms

A research room will be available for Visiting Scholars only on a priority basis; an individual room is only for full professors and a shared room for the other vising scholars. Even if you are qualified, you may not have one due to the availability.


Name Location Number of rooms/desks Configuration
Waseda International Conference Center research rooms 4th floor of International Conference Center 19 rooms Individual/Shared
Building No. 22 7th/8th floor of Building No. 22 11 rooms Shared
Building No. 9 9th floor of Building No. 9 2 rooms Shared

Use of Libraries

Visiting Scholars, Visiting Research Fellows and Research Interns will have a privilege of accessing to Waseda University Libraries.

Also, ISS provides guidance on the use of libraries for researchers from

Partner Overseas Institutions

Use of the university network

Visiting Scholars, Visiting Research fellows and Research Interns will be assigned a designated e-mail address and password for Waseda IT network use.

Issuance of Certificates

ISS issues a certificate of incumbency and a certificate of termination for Visiting Scholars, Visiting Research Fellow and Research Intern.

Waseda International Learning Lounge (WILL)

Waseda International Learning Lounge is in Building No.22, 3F.

The lounge is for all the current members at Waseda University and aimed at facilitating interactions regardless of nationality, language, affiliation or position and to promote group study, autonomous learning and research.

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