About Waseda University’s organization, corporate offices, academic institutions, affiliated schools and related companies.

University Organizational Chart

University Organizational Chart

The Corporation

Institutional Governance

Waseda University is comprised of a corporation and an academic institution, both headed by the President who serves as Chair of the Corporation’s Executive Board and leads the academic institution.

The President is elected by faculty, staff and alumni for a four-year term, and may be reelected to a second consecutive term. The Board of Trustees oversees the administration and decides on important issues.

Academic Institutions

Academic Institutions

Affiliated Companies

Waseda University Press


Established in 1886, the WUP has contributed to modernization in Asia for over 100 years, including the first lecture transcripts published in Japan.

Waseda University Property Management Corp.


The company manages the University’s research and educational facilities.

Waseda University Academic Solutions Corp.


The company provides solutions and consulting services ranging from administrative services and systems development to teaching material and curriculum development and alumni data administration.

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