What is WAVOC?

The Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) was founded in 2002 as an affiliated organization of Waseda University. Since then, it has developed curricular and extracurricular volunteer programs based on cooperation between students, the faculty and staff, local people and others. To date, more than 100,000 students have experienced its structured programs and spread their wings around the world.

WAVOC volunteer activities are developed and run by prioritizing the idea of “students contributing to society” rather than “students seizing a learning opportunity”. We certify and support projects run by student groups, who engage in social issues with the rich imagination typical of students. We also offer related lecture subjects and experiential learning subjects in collaboration with the Global Education Center, where students learn through a combination of theoretical and practical approaches. Furthermore, we have created a culturally enriching environment in which students can themselves grow while conducting their activities. To qualitatively guarantee the above, we have even established a university-wide minor “Social Contribution and Volunteering.”

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