Transcripts & Other Certificates

To request transcripts and other documents, please contact the administrative office of the School where you studied.

Certificates of Incumbency and Certificates of Termination for exchange researchers, visiting scholars, visiting researchers and research interns are issued by International Scholar Services. In order to have a certificate issued smoothly, you will need to contact ISS and come to the office in person.

Alumni Network

Started in 1885, the Waseda University Alumni Association (WUAA) is an organization of university alumni that supports the university and current students, help alumni stay in touch, and build strong connections with more than 600,000 Waseda alumni in Japan and around the globe.
Also, make sure to stay connected through social media.

Stay connected through social media.

Support the University

For over 130 years Waseda University has been sustained by the support of its alumni and many other generous people.
It is thanks to this goodwill that we have sent so many promising students out into the world and created Waseda’s remarkable history and tradition. Please consider how you can help Waseda continue and further expand its contributions to the world.

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No matter the size, every single gift will make a difference in helping students afford an academic experience that will transform their lives, as well as promoting frontline research to resolve complex challenges of the world today.

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