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UBIAS Topic of the year 2019 event ”Migrations: Movement of People, Ideas, and Goods” (Oct. 16, Oct. 17, 2019)

UBIAS Topic of the year 2019 event ”Migrations: Movement of People, Ideas, and Goods” (Oct. 16, Oct. 17)

日 時 / Date & Time

October 16, 2019, Wednesday, 11:00~17:15
October 17, 2019, Thursday 9:00~16:30

会 場 / Venue

Room 1102, 11F, Building 26 (Okuma Memorial Tower) , Waseda University

Nearest Station: Tozai line, Waseda Station (Tokyo Mtro)

主 旨 / Outline

WIAS will hold UBIAS Topic of the year 2019 event ”Migrations: Movement of People, Ideas, and Goods”.
Anyone interested is welcome to attend.

プログラム / Schedule
Day 1 (10/16)

11:00-11:10 Opening Remarks by Toshi H. Arimura, Associate Director of WIAS, Waseda University

11:15-12:15 Keynote Lecture “Immigrant Japan and a New Era of International Migration” by Gracia Liu-Farrer, Professor of Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University

13:30-15:15 PANEL 1. Mobilities and Migrations
“Seeking a Good Land to Live: Changing the Direction of Lahu Migration across the China-Myanmar Border” Mio Horie, Nagoya University

“Surviving the Sanctuary City: Ordinary Suffering and Asylum-seeking Work among Nepali New Yorkers” Tina Shrestha, WIAS

“Immigrant Support for Home-Country Populism: A Comparative Look at the Turkish, Polish and Italian Communities in Germany” Nihan Toprakkiran, University of Konstanz

15:30-17:15 PANEL 2. The Communication of Ideas
“Shimoi Harukichi and the Fascination of Fascism in Interwar Japan” Reto Hofmann, University of Western Australia

“Chinese Turmoil in Tsushima So Family Documents” Cheng Yongchao, Nagoya University

“The Politics of Diaspora: Afro-Brazilian’s Use African Americans in Activist Contexts” Reighan Gillam, University of Southern California

Day 2 (10/17)

9:00-10:30 PANEL 3. Migration in Historical Context
“Forced Mobility in the Early Middle Ages: The Importation of Saqaliba Slaves to the Islamic World” Marek Jankowiak, Corpus Christi College, University of Oxford

“From Kitāb al-Nukhab to the Ghāyat al-Ḥakīm: Medieval Magical Theory from ‘East’ to ‘West’” Liana Saif, University of London

“The Reception of Ideas in the Early-Modern Globalized World: Vittorio Cassar and the Roman Inquisition on Malta” Alex Mallett, WIAS

 10:45-12:30 PANEL 4. Urban Geography
“The Nexus Between Transnational Labour Migration and Urbanisation: The Emergence of Locally Scattered Livelihoods in Rural Nepal” Ramesh Sunam, WIAS

“Diasporic Ethno-Community of the Kazakhs across Central Eurasia ‘Mobility and Migration’ from the Perspectives of Nomadic Social Contexts” Takuya Soma, Tsukuba University

“At the Foot of the Sulayman Too Sacred Mountain: The Experience of Osh City as a Showcase of Migration Issue in Contemporary Central Asia” Tetsu Akiyama, WIAS

13:45-15:30 PANEL 5. Sociology and Humanitarianism
“Managing Politicisation to Prevent Securitisation: Migration Policies in Southeast and East Asia” Martin Searle, Nanyang Technological University

“2015 European Migration – Challenges for Humanitarian Actors” Jessica Alexander, Sophia University

“Chinese-Cambodians in the Vietnam War: An Oral History of the ‘Other’ Soldiers in the Vietcong” May Ngo, Oriental Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences

15:45-16:30 Roundtable

16:30-16:40 Closing Remarks by Yoshiyuki Suto, Director of Institute for Advanced Research, Nagoya University

Please see here for the event flyer

対 象 / Prospected Audience

Faculty and staff members of universities, grad students, undergraduates, general public

主 催 / Organizer

Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS), Waseda University
Institute for Advanced Research (IAR), Nagoya University

申込み / Registration
アクセス/ Access

Transportation into and within Tokyo


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11F, Building 26 (Okuma Memorial Tower) , Waseda University


Fri, 06 Sep 2019

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