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Research Project

At the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, in order to achieve “Promotion of academic research,” we are developing unique research projects, primarily by Waseda’s full time teachers and WIAS researchers.
In these projects, WIAS has specified some research areas which are interdisciplinary and not limited by existing research themes. This is based on the principle of WIAS as seeking “the development of young researchers and interdisciplinary exchanges of researchers.”, Waseda’s tenured faculty become Area Leaders for conducting research interaction and joint research. In these research areas, in addition to WIAS young researchers there are teaching staff and researchers in various fields participating to encourage interaction between diverse fields.

This research project aims to achieve the following four goals.

  • Develop young researchers through collaboration with internal and external researchers
  • Enhance internationally-competitive research themes within Waseda University
  • Promote interdisciplinary research not limited by specific fields
  • Organize research teams to acquire large-scale external funds

The conceptual diagram is shown below.

 Research Project Structure

Specifically, by setting up many forums for discussion and dissemination of research results, such as workshops, seminars, and symposiums, we form the foundations for interdisciplinary work, and disseminate research results that have strong internal and external impact.

By conducting this research project, we expect to enhance the research abilities of young researchers in WIAS, through joint work with diverse researchers inside and outside Waseda. We hope that promoting research exchange and collaborative research will lead to the building up of research results, stimulation of Waseda’s research activities, and strengthening of research capabilities.

On a trial basis, in fiscal 2012, WIAS has specified two research areas: “Comparative Studies of Civilizations” and “Quantitative Analysis of Politics, Economy and Law.” WIAS plan to start full-scale operation of these two projects in FY2013 after completing the program plan for them.

Ongoing Research Projects

Completed Research Projects

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