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            Toshihide Arimura, Director of WIAS

The Waseda Institute for Advanced Study (WIAS) was established in September 2006. As an independent organization that is not attached to any faculty of Waseda University, this institute is marked by the ability to accept interdisciplinary researchers working in different areas of study.

WIAS was established with the goals of nurturing young researchers, and exploring and developing cutting-edge research fields. Through active exchanges with overseas researchers, it also aims to further strengthen the university’s research capabilities and create an international research network. To this end, we have recruited some 10 young researchers every year, all of whom have received fixed-term appointments. We also have invited more than 20 overseas researchers a year as visiting researchers or scholars in order to promote collaborative research with our own researchers. In addition, we appointed distinguished researchers within Waseda University to be concurrently engaged in research in WIAS.

My mission as Director of WIAS is to further develop the free-spirited, international and interdisciplinary tradition that the institute has built up over the years. Our key challenge is to provide an environment in which young researchers can devote themselves to their research and thereby nurture researchers who will play a central role in the next generation. We also hope to foster collaboration with ongoing and planned activities within the university, such as advanced research projects and SGU projects, particularly in the field of international exchange. Moreover, we are committed to human and academic exchange with member institutes of the University-Based Institute for Advanced Study (UBIAS), a worldwide network of university-based research institutes with whom we share common ideals and objectives.

In the 21st century, Universities are expected to play larger roles and bear greater responsibilities than ever before, as members of the global community. In light of this, Waseda University aims to further enhance the quality of our research education, bring together outstanding human resources from around the world, and become a university that can nurture and produce brilliant researchers. We at WIAS are also doing our utmost to significantly contribute to that end.

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